Get NVivo on your computer

See below for instructions on NVivo software use on Windows and Mac.

Macquarie University has purchased a site licence for NVivo software for students and staff to download.

Working with NVivo on Windows and Mac

You can transfer NVivo projects between NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac. These projects will have different file formats.

Before converting any projects, it is recommended that users backup their project and understand the cross platform limitations and issues – all data may not successfully convert due to restrictions on data interchange between operating systems.

To work with a project in this way, users must utilise the new versions of NVivo for Mac with NVivo for Windows, and not a combination of new and old NVivo releases.

For example, users cannot work with a project using the first release of NVivo for Mac and NVivo for Windows.

You may refer to a comprehensive feature comparison to help you decide which NVivo software option will best suit your needs.

Download and install NVivo

Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet.

The NVivo licence key listed below is not valid with the latest versions of NVivo available on the NVivo website. If you have downloaded the latest version of NVivo from the website, please uninstall, then download and install NVivo from the links provided below.

System requirements and installation instructions can be found in the getting started guide.

Download links

NVivo licence keys

In order to activate your software after download you will need to enter the Macquarie University licence key.

VersionLicence key (for both Windows and Mac)
NVivo 14NVT14-IZ000-XHA20-GR68M-W1V00

Support resources

For useful resources to help users get up and running with NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac including tutorials, online help, eWorkshops and training, visit the NVivo getting started page.