Macquarie University recognises you may experience events or conditions that adversely affect your academic performance.

If you experience serious and unavoidable difficulties at exam time or when assessment tasks are due, you can consider applying for Special Consideration.

Students are encouraged to read this site to find information on Special Consideration eligibiity requirements, application process, and useful FAQs.

Eligibility for Special Consideration

Short-term circumstances or events which are serious, unavoidable, significantly disruptive, and beyond your control may be eligible for Special Consideration. Examples of eligible and non eligible circumstances, as well as short-term disruption defintions, can be found in our FAQ page.

When to apply

If eligible, your application for Special Consideration must be made no later that five (5) working days after the assessment task due date using the Special Consideration application form in AskMQ.

This applies to standard/non-standard teaching periods and time frames, for definitions please refer to the Policy/Procedure.

Application outcomes

The University will aim to let you know the outcome of your application via your student email address within 5 working days of receipt of the application and all necessary supporting evidence (this may take longer during peak periods).

Please keep in mind an applications for Special Consideration may be refused if:

  • the application was not submitted in the manner and/or timeframe required
  • you have not complied with all other mandatory requirements for successful completion of the unit
  • your application is not supported by appropriate evidence

Important: Applying for Special Consideration does not guarantee that you will be granted an approved outcome. Students should be mindful application outcomes will be reflective of the impacted period which is confirmed by their supporting evidence. Application outcomes such as retrospective extensions can occur (e.g. an extension date which has already past). Delays in applying or providing the required evidence will impact a timely resolution of your application. Students should consider continuing to work on their assessment task and submit only a final version of their assessment task if fit to do so.

After grant of special consideration

If your Special Consideration application is accepted, the University will decide the most suitable outcome. This may include various outcome types such as an extension, supplementary examination, or other outcomes relevant to the assessment task type.

In certain circumstances, the outcome of a Special Consideration application may recommend you apply to Withdraw Without Penalty – you then need to decide whether to apply to Withdraw without Penalty or accept the outcome where no alternate assessment can be provided.

How to apply

Before applying you should read and review the Special Consideration websites for relevant advice. Then follow the below steps when submitting your application(s):

Check your eligibility

Only eligible circumstances or events may be considered

Gather your supporting evidence

Supporting evidence is a requirement of your application. More information about supporting evidence

Check the task(s) and unit(s) you need to apply for

If seeking to apply for more than one assessment task/unit, you will need apply for each assessment task/unit separately. As not every assessment task is assessable, please read unit guides and check iLearn for assessable tasks before applying

Submit your application

Applications must be submitted within the required timeframes, using the formal application form and include your supporting evidence documentation.
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