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Macquarie’s Undergraduate Certificate, Diplomas, Standard Foundation and Intensive Programs provide you with the skills and confidence you’ll need to succeed in your undergraduate studies.

We’re here to support your studies. Check out the support services and resources available at Macquarie:

Academic support

Macquarie University College Student Advisors

At Macquarie University College, there is always someone to help you. We care about our students and understand the importance of student well-being.

Student Advisors can provide specific academic and unit advice to help you understand whether your studies are meeting your goals.

You can also talk to one of our dedicated Student Advisors about your classes, our policies, academic support or any questions you may have about your studies in general.

Book an appointment to speak to a Macquarie University College Advisor today or lodge an enquiry via AskMQ.

Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is an inviting and accessible study space on the Ground Floor of 8 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue. It exists to help students study and succeed at Macquarie University College.

The Learning Hub is open Monday - Friday, 10am - 4pm.  It has charging points, textbooks, printers and study notes, and is a great place for Macquarie University College students to study and learn outside of class.

In the Learning Hub, there are content expert staff who provide supervised study sessions; specialised targeted workshops; and one-to-one consultations. Staff can help with Academic English for any type of essay or report writing; or with numeracy skills for mathematics, finance, and scientific units.

For more information, visit the team in person, check out their iLearn page, or email them at MQC.LearningHub@mq.edu.au.

Health and wellbeing

To get involved and stay up to date, follow us on our:

Do you want to give back to the student community? Reach out to the Macquarie University College Engagement Team to learn more about their Volunteering Program and weekly Conversation Corner.

Check your Macquarie University College Newsletter for information about upcoming events.

Are you a new student commencing your studies at the Macquarie University College?

Make sure that you attend Orientation! Orientation has been designed to help you make your transition to University. To learn more about Orientation, please call +61 (2) 9850 5055 or email MQC.Engagement@mq.edu.au.

When you've met all the eligibility requirements, you'll be invited to attend the next available ceremony.

Your graduation ceremony invitation will be sent to your student email address.

Minimum rate of progress

All students are required to maintain a minimum rate of progress.

At the Macquarie University College, this minimum rate of progress is 50%. If you start to fail, or are worried about your studies, we recommend that you contact our Macquarie University College Student Advisors.

Academic integrity

The Academic Integrity Module has been developed by the University to help you understand the importance of academic integrity and honesty.

Completion of this module is compulsory for all Undergraduate Certificate and Diploma students. Failure to complete this module will result in the student being unable to participate in their units.

To access the module, visit the Academic Integrity iLearn page.


All students are expected to attend 100% of their classes. For more information, view the Attendance Policy.

Study duration

All Diploma and Standard Foundation students have a maximum of 18 months to complete their studies at the Macquarie University College.

All Intensive Program and Undergraduate Certificate students have a maximum of 12 months to complete their studies at the Macquarie University College.

For more information, view the Academic Progression Policy.