Pastoral care and religious services

We respect and support students of all faiths on campus. Your Macquarie Chaplains and spiritual leaders provide religious and spiritual support through one-on-one sessions and small and large group activities.

Uni is an amazing time to explore new ideas and stretch your horizons. There’s never a better time to dive into questions of spirituality and religion or to connect with others who share your faith.

The Macquarie Chaplains and spiritual leaders are here to support students in their faith and during difficult times with pastoral care. We are a diverse team of people from many different religious backgrounds and we welcome anyone (whether you consider yourself religious or not).

Whatever your religious background or wherever you’re from, we’re here to listen, help, and get you connected with community.

About us

Different religious communities each have their own special activities and events and this diversity enriches our University experience. This means that our chaplains and spiritual leaders serve in different ways: organising religious services and activities; seasonal festivals; meditation; prayer; invitations to investigate belief; and teaching.

Key activities include:

  • encouraging members of the University community to understand and grow in their spiritual health
  • supporting students and staff from religious backgrounds in relating tertiary study and their faith
  • facilitating dialogue and mutual understanding of religious beliefs to promote respectful relationships within our diverse University community
  • supporting the many different religious clubs and societies on campus.

Chaplains and spiritual leaders also provide pastoral care for students and staff to supplement the other support services of the University. In some cases, students may prefer a chaplain to a counsellor.

Pastoral care activities of the Macquarie Chaplains include:

  • helping overseas students adjust to living and studying in a foreign culture
  • providing a network of relationships for students living away from home
  • supporting students in University residential accommodation
  • creating opportunities for students and staff to meet across faculty and cultural barriers
  • advocacy and support for students and staff who need to engage with the University administration on religious matters.


Our Chaplains and spiritual leaders are people who love our University community. They will listen to what you have to say and either help you themselves, or point you in the right direction to get help.

You can expect to be respected and to have your questions and beliefs acknowledged. Chaplains are trained to talk about things like:

  • how are things for you?
  • how do we find meaning in life?
  • what place does religious belief have in living well?
  • how do I live out my faith in a new context?
  • anything that troubles you

Note: Chaplains are nominated by the authorities of recognised religious bodies. Chaplains must be formally recognised by the University through the Registrar. Chaplains are accountable to their nominating religious body and are not employees of the University.

Contact us

Chaplaincy Coordinator

Ammy Kwong
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Muslim Prayer Room

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