Develop managerial skills

Being on the executive committee of a student group can be both challenging and rewarding.

If you're new to being an executive or just looking for extra support, we've got you covered and can help with running a successful group.

An executive is a President [PDF 134KB], Treasurer [PDF 123KB] or Secretary [PDF 157KB] of a student group and makes up the 'management' or 'executive committee' of a student group.

Execs act on behalf of the student group when dealing with the University, and undertaking one of these executive roles comes with its own responsibilities and tasks, while also bringing a rewarding experience.

Let Student Engagement know who your executives are and what position they hold, especially if you've had a change in leadership. You'll need to also include the AGM or EGM minutes [DOC 29KB] clearly stating who was elected into which position when you put in your position request.

Your student group can have other roles and sub-committees [PDF 156KB] as well but we encourage starting small and then building on top of that when you have enough members!

As an executive team, you should also ensure that the governance of your student group is in order, such as:

  • having an up to date Constitution [DOC 56KB],
  • recording membership [XLS 11KB] details, and
  • doing amazing things and making it fun for your members!

End of year reports

Each executive is required to complete an end of year report which gives us an overview of how well your student group operated throughout the year.

COVID-19 threw a curveball into the works, so we understand that there were some challenges outside of your control!

The President's Report and Secretary Report will require some documentation to be uploaded (such as meeting minutes, membership lists and Constitution). The Treasurer should be keeping track of your student groups finances [XLS 226KB] and noting what money is coming in (income) and what is going out (expenditure). Copies of receipts should be filed away electronically so that they can be included in the Treasurer's Report, which shows Student Engagement how you have spent your funds for the year. The Missing Receipts Declaration [DOC 51KB] can help you if you have lost some of your receipts

There are many different types of events and activities that student groups can run, and knowing how to plan and manage [PDF 140KB] them is a good foundation for having a successful year.

Booking spaces

Each student group's Client Liaison Officer (CLO) is here to book things like rooms, campus spaces, equipment (eg BBQs, tables, speakers) and any other resources you may require for your events.

Please have a read of the Outdoor Spaces Booking Policy and Stall Etiquette Guidelines [PDF 311KB] prior to  booking a space. Please don't  forget to  clean up after and return the space  to how you found it.

All official student group events at Macquarie must be booked through an Events/Activities Request form and with three to four weeks notice – the earlier you put in your request, the more likely your event or activity will be approved with ample time for you to organise!

COVIDSafe compliance

We want to ensure that all student group activities on campus adhere to COVIDSafe practices and to comply with government and Macquarie University regulations. This requires a complete Risk Assessment along with any event or activities request.

Student groups will also need to take the details of those attending at your events/activities – similar to what you do when you enter Ubar/Campus Commons or dine-in at an establishment. You can use this contact log [XLS 11KB] or create your own (via QR code to limit using pen and paper!)

Before you submit a request, make sure you consider the following:

  • activities must have attendees physically distanced at one person per four square meters
  • classrooms and lecture theatres have restricted capacity (eg Macquarie Theatre capacity is now 90 people)
  • outdoor events have a gathering limit of 20 attendees
  • activities involving passing an item from one person to another or using communal items is deemed unsafe (eg handing out flyers or handing out food)
  • Ubar has a maximum of 10 people per booking as per NSW Government regulations.

Your CLO is here to help you understand this new process so if you have any questions with this new process or risk assessment, get in touch!


Before the start of each session, executives should plan out how that session will look for your student group – having events, activities, workshops and socials plugged in will help you with delegating tasks to committee members but also to plan your finances.

Having a budget [PDF 124KB] outlined will show where you need to raise money and to think about how to come across those funds.

Throughout the year, the Treasurer should be keeping track of your student groups finances in the Income Expenditure Report [XLS 227KB], and noting what money is coming in (income) and what is going out (expenditure).

Copies of receipts should be filed away electronically so that they can be included in the End of Year Treasurer's Report, which shows Student Engagement how you have spent your funds for the year.

Bank access

If an executive needs to be a signatory on your student group bank account, send in your request and update our team of the change in leadership. Meeting minutes must be attached that clearly state who has been nominated as the new bank signatory. Once this has been complete and you need to go to NAB, make sure you have 100 points of ID [PDF 965KB] with you!


To support student experience and engagement on and off campus the University is offering student groups an opportunity to apply for funding in 2021. It is important for the allocated funding to be used to enhance student experience, develop sense of belonging and build lifelong connections with fellow students.

To apply for funding please fill in the funding request form. Before submitting the form, please familiarise yourself with funding guidelines [PDF 174KB]. Please note this funding derives from SSAF, therefore it is important that funding is used to benefit MQ students.

Funding will close on 20 June 2021. The outcome will be communicated to you by 2 July 2021 by the Student Engagement team.

If you have any questions about funding, please email or get in touch with your CLO.

There are many spaces on campus [PDF 221KB] that can be used by student groups – simply state on your Event Request form which of these you'd like to use for your event or activity, and your CLO will make the booking for you.

MAZE on Level 3, 18 Wally's Walk, is the interactive space for student groups. All executives have access to book Library, MUSE and MAZE spaces. If you don’t have access, your Client Liaison Officer can help you out.

Affiliation process

Affiliation is the process of becoming officially associated with Macquarie University and we know there are lots of student groups out there operating unaffiliated and we don’t mind. Some student groups don’t need support from the uni as they are able to do things independently of us.

However the student groups who are affiliated receive resources and support from the uni. Procedural and administrative requirements [PDF 167KB] are also required before you can be approved as an affiliated group.


Many student groups have casual meet ups but formalised meetings are a way for your student group to document and track the progress of your group throughout the year! There are many types of meetings [PDF 137KB] so make sure you're across them all.

Recording the minutes [DOCX 30KB] of each meeting is a formal way for you to keep on track of how your student group is progressing throughout the year.


Sponsorships and partnerships with external parties are a great way to supplement finances for your events and activities, and to build relationships with companies in industry. We have a handy Sponsorship Agreement [DOC 84KB] template that you can us, as all sponsorships need to be signed by Student Engagement.

Posters and printing

Did you know that we can print student group posters and flyers? Printing must be for Student Group purposes only and should be designed in a file that is ready to print. Email specifying how you'd like it printed (eg two copies per page if you want A5, two-sided or in brochure style) and how many copies, and if there's anything amiss, you'll be contacted.

Posters must also contain the 'student organisation of Macquarie' logo [JPG 79KB] on your posters for us to print them, so that they can be distinguished by staff and students as an event that is run by your student group! If posters do not have the logo or are placed in an unofficial area, they do run the risk of being removed. Please have a read of the Poster Guidelines [PDF 198KB] prior to submitting your poster for approval.

The following are considered official locations to put up your posters:

  • the noticeboard in the middle of Wally's Walk
  • snap frame poster boards in MUSE
  • anywhere in MAZE
  • snap frame poster boards in Ubar (with permission from Ubar manager).