Student care and reporting

Student care and reporting

Our student care and reporting network is here to assist you.

The network is focused on student care, ensuring that students can access support when needed. Our network also responds to a range of concerns involving students.

What can you report?

Students, staff and members of the public can report the following:
  • Wellbeing - Care MQ

    Seek support if you are a student with concerns about your physical or mental wellbeing, or you have concerns about a student's physical or mental wellbeing.
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  • Safety and behaviour

    Seek support and find out options for responding to bullying, harassment, sexual harassment/assault, racism, stalking, or other unwanted or inappropriate behaviours involving students.
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  • Complaints and misconduct

    Submit a report on misconduct, provide feedback, or make a complaint about a service or an experience.
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    Submit an appeal against an academic decision, please submit your appeal through AskMQ.

    If you are not a Macquarie University student and wish to submit an appeal against an admission decision, please email:

Who can submit a report?

  • Students can seek support or make a report of their concerns
  • Staff can seek support for, or report issues concerning students.
  • Members of the public can report concerns regarding student wellbeing and support needs, behaviour or University services.

What happens if I make a report?

Staff from Macquarie University will review your report. If you provide contact details, we'll contact you about your concerns to discuss what can happen next.

If your report is about concerns for another person, we may contact that person.

Anonymous reports

You can make a report anonymously. This means that you do not provide your contact details. Macquarie may be limited in what action it can take in response to anonymous reports.

Emergency contacts

If immediate help or medical attention is required, please contact:

On-campus  9850 9999 Security
Off-campus   000 Emergency Services
1800 CARE MQ (2273 67) – After hours support and assistance

Or you can download the MQ Wellbeing app for Android or iOS.

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