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Join a special interest student group at Macquarie University to share or explore new hobbies and interests.

Student Group Name


A Cappella Society

It doesn't matter if you are a new singer or an experienced artist, if you love music and singing, we'll love you! A Cappella society members are not just singers, but a group of friends brought together through music.


AnimeMQ brings together like-minded people who enjoy anime, manga and Japanese pop-culture. Our community and exec team is dedicated to giving students a place to socialise, relax at uni, and share their love of all things anime and manga!

Atheist and Secular Society

Providing a community and voice for non-religious people on campus, once you scratch the surface, you'll find that we include freethinkers, sceptics, naturalists, rationalists, secularists, humanists, anti-theists, and agnostics.

Chess Society

To spread a chess culture for serious and casual players around Macquarie University with weekly socials. We also run an annual inter-university unrated event and link players to externally run tournaments by the NSWCA.

Community Garden Club

The Community Garden teaches and promotes organic growing practices with plots available on campus to start your own veggie or flower garden. All are welcome to attend the monthly Working Bees, held on the first Sunday of each month.

Dance Academy

Representing Macquarie Uni in the street dance community, MDA holds jam sessions and workshops, and participates in dance battles and choreography showcases with all the other universities in the Sydney area.

Debating Society

MUDS represents Macquarie at national and international tournaments each year and holds regular training seminars and practice debates throughout the year. All skill levels are welcome!

Disability Society

The Macquarie University Disability Society offers a space for disabled individuals and their allies to meet in a safe, welcoming and supportive environment.

Disney Appreciation Society

A society that aims to gather like-minded lovers of Disney and create a greater appreciation for both the classics and the contemporary works of Walt.


DRAMAC is the Macquarie Dramatic Arts Society, a 50 year old society that has produced a wide variety of shows, such as Shakespearean, comedy revues and Australian drama to name a few.

Exchange Students Society

MACex is here to help you out - whether it is encouraging the growth of international connections for Macquarie students to study abroad or welcoming international exchange students to Macquarie life!

Gaming SocietyWelcoming both social and competitive gamers, Macquarie Uni Gaming Society is a club where individuals of all platforms can come together and share a common interest. Offering the chance to enter in a wide range of both social and competitive Esports tournaments.


Grapeshot is Macquarie University’s student publication. Pieces such as written essays, works of art, videos, music, poetry and photographs are published either in Grapeshot, the printed magazine, or Grapeshot Online.

Harry Potter Society

The Macquarie Harry Potter Society is designed to create a fun, inclusive environment for Potterheads to come together and share their love of the Harry Potter universe.

Kanye West Appreciation Society

When Yeezy doesn't let you finish, that's Ye(us).


KPOP SOCIETY is focused on bringing together like-minded individuals that are interested in Korean pop culture ranging from dance workshops to social networking events.

League of Legends

We are a fun and engaging community for League of Legends players by providing an active casual and competitive gaming environment.

Life Choice

A pro-life student group at Macquarie University, committed to the promotion of human dignity from conception to natural death through discussion.

Music Society

A society for meeting and performing with other musicians or music fans.

Musical Theatre Society

Macquarie Musical Society (MacMS) is a student-run musical theatre society, regularly performing 5 shows a year at the Lighthouse Theatre. No matter your passion, MacMS provides the perfect community environment for you to express yourself, have fun, learn theatre skills and forge lifelong friendships!

Address: 11 Gymnasium Road, Macquarie Park New South Wales 2109

Philanthropy Club

As a group, we want to introduce a culture of giving at Macquarie University to explore issues that can benefit from change; working on projects focused on philanthropy, combating loneliness, student well-being, as well as small fundraising projects for causes close to home.

Photography Society

We are open to anyone who loves or is keen on learning more about photography. We're a helpful, understanding and enthusiastic society, who are eager to help each other out and teach others about photography and to let the members make the most of their skills.

Queer Collective

The Macquarie University Queer Collective is open to staff and students who identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and/or Queer (LGBTQIA+), as well as their straight allies.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Association

We're Sci-fi fans who just want to have fun in our own nerdy way. We welcome trekkies, wookies, whooligans, browncoats and many other fans.

Sustainability Society

Do you have a passion for the environment and sustainability? If you are keen to reduce individual and communal ecological footprints, all while promoting fun and engaging activities on and off campus, then Sustainability Society is for you.

Symphony Orchestra

If you love music, play an instrument and like lame musical puns, then we are the group for you!

Tabletop Society

We organise and participate in the running of role-playing games, board games, card games and war games. If it's not computerised, it's under our purview.

Vegetarian Association

Free vegan food every fortnight for members, make some friends along the way too!

Women's Collective

The Women's Collective is a space for all women and those who identify with womanhood to come together for social, education and activism based events. Beyond this, the Women's Collective creates a space of support, laughter, advice and much more.


This is a place for writers to join together and share ideas, work on pieces, and develop their skills. We meet weekly and hold power writing sessions, workshops/readings groups, peer workshopping and outings.