Graduation information and resources

Are you about to graduate from Macquarie University? Find out everything you need to know to get ready for your graduation day.

Graduation is a special moment in a student's life. Make sure that you complete the necessary steps required before you graduate to receive your graduation documents.


Upon graduation, you will receive documents which recognise your academic application and achievement while at Macquarie.

Sydney graduation

Graduating from our Sydney campus? Find all updates about your graduation session dates and times.

Overseas graduation

If you are graduating from one of our overseas campuses, visit this page to find information about the ceremony, fees and payments, and graduating in absentia.

After graduation

As a graduate from Macquarie, you're a part of the alumni community of over 190,000 graduates in over 140 countries.

Get access to information about our alumni network, further study options and support for our graduates.


Your graduation is an exciting event! To help you capture those special moments, a range of graduation memorabilia will be available for you to order and purchase.

Graduate register

Search the graduate register to find all past Macquarie University awards.

Past graduations

Get an insight into our past graduations, including ceremonies, honorary doctorates and university medallists.