Become job-ready

Gaining degree-related experience as early as possible will help you stand out from the crowd.

A 2015 survey [PDF 1.9MB] showed that 31 per cent of graduates won’t secure full-time employment within four months of graduation. However, graduates who have degree-related experience tend to find full-time employment much faster and more easily than graduates who don't.


Building your experience early will help you:

  • become job-ready
  • develop as a well-rounded graduate, which maximises your employability
  • learn more about yourself, your skills and values
  • acquire technical, practical or interpersonal skills
  • allows you to highlight your professional qualities and achievements on job applications
  • build your network and industry contacts
  • practice and improve your English language skills.

Degree-relevant experience

When considering work experience, degree-relevant experience is the most valuable. There are many ways you can build your experience during your time at Macquarie.

PACE (Professional and Community Engagement)

Macquarie's unique PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program engages with 3,000 organisations across Australia and around the globe. The program offers you a chance to gain relevant work experience while you study.

You will complete a PACE unit as a part of your Bachelor degree, usually in your third year of study. Through PACE you gain that all-important practical experience employers really value.

PACE International

PACE International offers a range of exciting learning experiences in over 25 countries around the world, for example:

  • assisting with native land rights in Borneo
  • supporting an archaeological dig in Italy, or
  • working with a social media agency in Paris

International PACE activities give you the opportunity to explore real world challenges while gaining professional skills.

Exchange program

Macquarie offers exciting opportunities to enhance your degree through its Student Exchange program.

Our exchange program provides you with opportunities to:

  • gain a better understanding of global issues
  • develop your capacity to deal with change
  • build a global network
  • interact with people from different cultures, and
  • learn a new language.

With over 200 partner universities in more than 50 countries, there are plenty of choices for short term or full semester exchange.

Participating in extra-curricular activities (ECAs) can help you:

  • develop your personal brand
  • expand your social networks, and
  • help identify career pathways.

Your involvement in activities is assessed by employers on and off campus to see if you’ll fit into their organisational culture and whether you have leadership potential.

Global Leadership Program

Macquarie's Global Leadership Program (GLP) is an extracurricular program undertaken alongside any degree at Macquarie.

GLP can equip you with the leadership potential, professional skills and international experiences to pursue an international career.

Student groups and societies

Join a student group if you’re passionate about a certain interest or hobby, or if you want to develop skills and networks related to your degree and/or professional career path.


Volunteering is a great opportunity to create a professional profile and to give back to the community.

Spend some time looking at volunteering projects and sites such as:

And here on campus:

Internships are a popular way to increase your employability. Building a professional portfolio with relevant work experience as early as possible can make all the difference for graduates.

Undergraduate students

Macquarie's PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) program is dedicated to providing opportunities for undergraduate students.

A PACE internship offers a minimum of 30 hours in the workplace.

Postgraduate students

Several Masters degrees offer internships to students as part of their study program. See your Faculty Support Centre for more information.

Paid internships

Search for paid internship opportunities through:

Many global firms hold yearly business or case study competitions such as Univative, Hult Prize, and Hack-a-thons. We post about many of them on CareerHub under "Activities".

Part-time or casual work over the semester or during university holidays is highly valued. Paid employment builds your employability and technical skills, and shows you can balance your study and work commitments.

Find paid roles on campus with Macquarie University Student Employment (MQSE).