How to accept your offer

Follow these simple steps to accept your offer based on your study program.

Find required documents and information on how to accept your offer according to your course.

Study programs

To accept your offer, you will need to log in via eStudent and navigate to the “My Applications” tile. You can watch this step-by-step tutorial on navigating the portal and accepting your offer.

You will need to complete and upload the following documents to eStudent:

Domestic Students (Australian, New Zealand or Permanent Resident):

International Students:

After accepting your offer in eStudent, you will also need to do the following:

Domestic Students (Australian, New Zealand or Permanent Resident):

  • Request or recover your Unique Student Identifier** (USI). Once you have done so, you must complete the USI collection form in eStudent. Note: if you are unable to find the USI tab on your eStudent please wait until you are notified of your admission into the program.
  • Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) – this is a government form that is completed in eStudent. Please note this must be completed in order for enrolment to proceed. For information on how to complete an eCAF, watch this tutorial.
  • Students who are eligible for the BPhil stipend, who are enrolled full time and onsite as at the Session census date will be contacted by the Candidate Support Team.
  • To enrol in your BPhil/MRes Year 1 Units, please follow the instructions on the BPhil/MRes Y1 Enrolment, Commencement, and Unit Support page.

International Students:

  • Apply for your Student Visa using the eCoE you are issued. Please ensure to submit a complete visa application. Failure to do so may result in delays, and/or visa refusal.
  • Advise the GRA when your visa is approved, and your arrival date.
  • Please make an appointment to come to the GRA and be admitted to your course. Please remember to bring along your passport and all the original or certified academic transcripts copies (for every degree/qualification), as well as the original or certified testamur of your most recent qualification to Australia for your enrolment.
  • Request or recover your Unique Student Identifier** (USI). Once you have done so, you must complete the USI collection form in eStudent.
  • To enrol in your BPhil/MRes Year 1 Units, please follow the instructions on the BPhil/MRes Y1 Enrolment, Commencement, and Unit Support page.

We also encourage you to browse the coursework timetables and fee information, prior to the commencement start date.

**The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number issued by the Australian Government. If you are commencing in 2023, you will need to provide your USI to the University prior to enrolling into your units. Learn more about the USI here.

To accept your offer, you will need to log in via eStudent and navigate to “My Applications” tile. You can watch this step-by-step tutorial on navigating the portal and accepting your offer.

Domestic Students (Australian, New Zealand or Permanent Resident):

International Students:

Once you’ve accepted your offer, the Graduate Research Academy will notify you of next steps.

To accept your offer, you will need to log in via eStudent and navigate to “My Applications” tile. You can watch this step-by-step tutorial on navigating the portal and accepting your offer. 

Domestic Students (Australian, New Zealand or Permanent Resident):

International Students:

Once you’ve accepted your offer, the Graduate Research Academy will notify you of next steps.

Download and save Terms and Conditions of Your Graduate Research Offer

By accepting the offer made in the letter of offer, I acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The letter of offer, the Declaration of Acceptance Form and these Terms and Conditions describe the course in which you will be enrolled and set out applicable terms and conditions to enrolment. Ongoing enrolment is subject to compliance with University policies, procedures and processes. Information about some of the important requirements is set out in the Important Information document included with this Letter of Offer which you are expected to read.
  • Deferrals are subject to approval and are not guaranteed. If you defer you may not be eligible for future intakes where entry requirements change, where entry is competitive, where a scholarship is no longer available or where supervision is no longer available. If deferment is approved, a new offer of admission will be issued. Higher fees than those set out in this letter may apply.
  • Your enrolment is on the basis of information provided by you in relation to your application for admission which must be accurate, complete and true. Providing false or incomplete information may result in cancellation of your enrolment or revocation of the award of a degree and the University will report any such activity to a relevant authority.
  • Original documents of qualifications such as official academic transcripts and degree award certificates may be required to be produced for verification. Failure to produce this documentation may prevent enrolment.
  • All documents submitted with your application and acceptance of offer are the property of the University and will not be returned. This does not apply to official original documents such as official academic transcripts and degree award certificates.
  • Your letter of offer will confirm the English proficiency requirement, if any, for your course. For information about English proficiency requirements, please refer to our How to apply website.
  • You authorise Macquarie University to access the Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) for verification of visa status and entitlements. This authorisation continues throughout your enrolment.
  • If approved for offsite enrolment the Offsite Research Enrolment Policy applies.
  • You must notify the University in writing immediately if you are not continuing with your enrolment in this course, or cease to be a full- time student, studying on campus.
  • Master of Research students must not enrol in more than one-third of the units (or equivalent credits) of the course by online/external study or not enrol to study only online/externally in any compulsory study period.
  • For some courses, such as the Masters of Research, the Faculty will provide guidance and approval in relation to units in which you should enrol. It is your responsibility to enrol in individual units of your course in accordance with this guidance/approval. If you do not follow the guidance/approval you do so at your own risk and may incur fees or costs for late enrolment or unit changes or may incur other disadvantage such as delay in completing the course.
  • You agree that the University will make public research profiles for current MRes Year 2, MPhil/PhD students that have published one or more publications with the Macquarie University byline. This profile will show publications, press/media activities, and impacts, as well as contact information. You agree that the University will implement the display of student-supervisor relationships and display your scholarship information on your public research profile. If you do not want your profile to be made public, you should send an email stating this with your details to
  • Master of Research
    • Year I: Tuition Fees are charged on a per credit point basis.
    • Year 2: Tuition Fees are charged on a six-monthly basis.
  • PhD/MPhil
    Tuition Fees are charged on a six-month basis and any refund is calculated pro-rata on a daily basis according to the student's study load for the relevant six month period.
    • The University reviews Fees each year and may increase tuition fees in future years.
    • The estimated fee includes future year(s) and standard study load in each compulsory study period for completing the course within the specified course duration.
    • The costs and course information set out in this offer are accurate at the date of this letter (subject to other terms of these Terms and Conditions) and apply only to this offer.
    • International students are not required to pay more than half of their course fees at the time they accept their offer, if the course is longer than 25 weeks. You can contact your Graduate Research Officer with any questions or concerns regarding the tuition fees or tuition fee deposits or due date listed on your Letter of Offer.
  • Master of Research (year 1) students
    You will be liable to pay the Student Service Amenities Fees (SSAF) applicable for each study period in which you enrol, however, you will only be charged the SSAF after the census date. The indicative annual SSAF is AUD$313 for 2022. For further information regarding SSAF.
  • Master of Research (year 2), MPhil, and PhD students
    The Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is subject to annual review by the University and may be charged in future years to graduate research students. In the event it is charged in a future year, and you are enrolled in the program listed in this offer, you will be required to pay it.
  • There may be other fees, charges and conditions for each study period in which you are enrolled, and you should check the current fees, charges and conditions with the University before enrolling at any time on our Fees and Costs page.
  • In subsequent study periods, an AUD$200 late payment fee will be incurred if payment is made after the payment due date.
  • Master of Research (year 1) students: Should you enrol in year-long units, you will be required to pay the fees for these units in full and upfront by the fee deadline in your first session of study.
  • The OSHC premium quoted on our Accept your offer web page is accurate at the time of offer and is subject to an annual increase.
  • The MRes Fees and Refund Guide and the Higher Degree Research International Fee Refund Policy forms part of this agreement and is part of these terms and conditions. The MRes Fees and Refund Guide may change from time to time however the version of the Guide included in this Agreement will remain valid for the duration of the Agreement.
  • In the event that the University is unable to offer your course, the University will refund unspent, prepaid tuition fees under the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). TPS is a placement and refund service for international students provided by the Australian Government.
  • If you withdraw from your course within the first six months of study in your principal course the University may grant or refuse your request for a release to transfer to another education provider, in accordance with the Transfer and Release for International Students Policy.
  • Information collected on this form and during your enrolment may be used and disclosed:
    • for the purposes of the requirements of applicable legislation including:
      • the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 (ESOS Act)
      • the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018 (National Code)
      • visa and immigration laws
      • the tuition protection service and
      • as otherwise required or authorised by State or Commonwealth law.
    • for the purposes of the administration of your enrolment, your studies and University - related activities generally, including communications to you as an alumnus after graduation.
  • The University may disclose information about your progress in the course to other educational institutions, which you are, or have been, a student at, where disclosure is necessary for the purpose of complying with the University’s obligations under a collaboration agreement with the relevant educational institution.
  • The University may also collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the University’s privacy framework:
  • The University may publish information on any awards and prizes you have been awarded and, where appropriate, the results of your research.
  • The University may vary these Terms and Conditions by publishing the varied Terms and Conditions on the University’s website. You will be notified of the variation through your University email address. Please note that where the Terms and Conditions refer to other documents, including University documents, these documents may be updated, changed or replaced from time to time without notification to you. The University will endeavour to inform you of key changes but does not undertake to provide you with updates on any or all changes.
  • The University will endeavour to provide the course as advertised but may postpone or cancel the course, alter any part of the course, including content, structure, entry requirements (including score conversions), presenters, practical training requirements and graduation requirements. If this occurs the University will give you as much notice as practicable of any such change and will consult with you about suitable alternatives where there is a material adverse impact on your studies.
  • You must provide the University with details of your residential address, mobile number, email address and emergency contact details within 7 days of arriving within Australia and notify the University of any change to those details within 7 days of the change for the duration of your study.
  • The University has processes and procedures for student complaints and appeals. There are also bodies external to the University who deal with complaints about the University. More information is provided in the Important Information document which accompanies these Terms and Conditions.

This written agreement, and the right to make complaints and seek appeals of decisions and action under various processes, does not affect the rights of the student to take action under the Australian Consumer Law if the Australian Consumer Law applies.

[Effective Date: March 14th 2023]

Information for international students

Find key information on the processes international students need to follow before the commencement of studies.

Medibank is our chosen provider of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), which helps international students cover their medical costs whilst in Australia. As an international student, you must take out OSHC as a condition of your student visa.

Need for medical insurance

  • Medical treatment in Australia is expensive, and if you have an accident or get sick, insurance will cover many of your expenses.
  • OSHC is a mandatory requirement of the student visa and the policy must cover the full length of your visa duration.

If you choose to purchase your policy from our preferred provider, Medibank, please send the payment in accordance with the University’s payment methods as listed in your PaymentCoE Request Form [PDF 805KB].

The latest Medibank OSHC Premiums* are listed below per graduate research degree. OSHC will then be organised upon receipt of your payment. Please note the start date of your OSHC will be one month prior to your program start date/intake.

If you are a Cotutelle/Joint PhD student, please contact for an alternative quote that will be based on your planned time at Macquarie University.

If you are a Progressing MRes Yr2 – PhD student, when accepting your offer please upload proof that your current OSHC policy has been extended. It should be extended 9 months beyond the planned expected work submission date of your PhD thesis, to factor in the PhD examination period. If you are unsure of the time period please contact

*Premiums are effective 1st May 2024 (for what is included please go to the Medibank OSHC website).


OSHC Duration




Single Parent Family

Master of Research (full program)

33 months





Master of Research (Year 2 only)

21 months





Master of Philosophy

33 months





Doctor of Philosophy

45 months





You also have the option of choosing your own OSHC provider. If you are not getting your OSHC from our preferred provider, you should purchase your own OSHC for the exact period of coverage and upload a copy of your OSHC along with your acceptance. The list of Australian Government approved providers are:

If your scholarship covers a Single OSHC policy only, and if you are bringing family members with you to Australia, you will need to pay the additional cost for couple or family cover (if required). Please contact for further information.

In order to commence your study, you must obtain a student visa (subclass 500). To apply for the student visa, you will need a Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) for your visa application. The eCoE will need to be uploaded to your immi account when applying. Please note that the Australian Government has assessment criteria in place for the grant of a visa to study in Australia.

We highly recommend that you use the Documents Checklist Tool to ensure you prepare the right documents for your visa application. Incomplete applications will likely cause delays in your visa being granted and/or visa refusal.

If you have an alternative visa that permits you to study, it must allow you to study for the full duration of your program.

Once your visa is approved, please ensure you notify with a copy of the visa approval.

The Australian Government issues visas for study in Australia subject to certain conditions, which are clearly outlined when your visa is approved. These conditions refer particularly to full-time study, progression requirements, periods of leave, cessation of study and paid work.

The University is required by law to report any breach of visa conditions to the Department of Home Affairs. The student visa may be cancelled 28 days after such a report is received unless the visa holder is able to show that no breach occurred.

The cost of living in Australia is estimated to be between AUD$22,000 and AUD$25,000 per annum for a single person. This cost includes accommodation and basic living expenses for one person (for estimated living costs refer to Macquarie International website). If you intend to bring family members to Australia, you will need to ensure that you have adequate finances to cover their airfares, additional living costs, and/or childcare costs.

School-aged children (5 years and up) who are dependents of doctoral students on a student visa (Subclass 500) may have their school fees waived if they are enrolled in a public school in the state of New South Wales. However, any childcare costs for children under the age of 5 are the responsibility of the student. For additional information regarding school fees in New South Wales, please visit the Department of Education website for international students.

Further information on studying in Australia is available at

Once you are settled in Sydney, please make an appointment to come to the GRA and be admitted to your course. Your appointment should be booked for approx. 2 weeks before your elected commencement date. Please remember to bring along all the original or certified academic transcripts copies (for every degree/qualification), as well as the original or certified testamur of your most recent qualification to Australia for your enrolment. Enrolment cannot proceed without verification of these documents.

A campus map [PDF 189KB] is available for download.

Note: If you have been approved for offsite enrolment, you will need to book an online appointment for enrolment.

Information for domestic students

Check the following information on enrolment and period of candidature,

Your maximum period of candidature has been calculated according to Macquarie University Policy and the Australian Government’s Research Training Program (RTP) guidelines. It includes a deduction for any prior candidature, calculated in Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (EFTSL), from any incomplete graduate research degree program(s) undertaken in any Australian University.

The Graduate Research Academy will admit you to your program 4-6 weeks before your first session begins. You will be notified of admission by email. Once admitted, you will be able to log into eStudent and enrol yourself into the units approved by your MRes advisor/MRes Director. This must be done before the “Last Enrol via eStudent date”.

Once you have met your conditions of offer and completed all the required documentation, the Graduate Research Academy will contact you via email to invite you into the office to meet our staff. Once contacted, you can make an appointment to enrol, and will be advised of what to bring.