Understanding your units

A course, whether it is for a degree or diploma, is made up of a number of units of study. Each unit is worth 10 credit points.

Unit load

Domestic students

Full-time domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students at Macquarie University study between 30 to 40 credit points per session:

  • three units = 30 credit points
  • four units = 40 credit points

30 credit points are accepted as the minimum full-time load per session and 40 credit points are the maximum that domestic students can study per session.

Credit overload

Credit overload refers to the possibility for students to study more than the standard number of credit points per study period. You will need academic approval if you wish to enrol in more than the standard number of credit points.

For more information or to apply, visit the credit overload page.

International students

International students are required to take four units (40 credit points) in each compulsory study period. This is because student visa holders are required to complete their course within a set period of time, indicated by your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). The course duration is based on a full-time study load.

If you experience academic difficulties or situations which are considered to be compassionate or compelling, then you may be eligible to reduce your study load.

If you wish to request to reduce your study load submit a form via AskMQ.

Unit levels

Generally, our unit levels are:

  • Undergraduate level = 1000 level (1st year)
  • Undergraduate level = 2000 level (2nd year)
  • Undergraduate level = 3000 level (3rd year)
  • Postgraduate level = 8000 and 9000 level

Choosing units

Visit the Course Handbook to view the full list of units.

Consider the following when choosing units:

  • Some units may only be available once a year, whereas others will give you a choice of when you can study them (Session 1, 2 or 3) and where you can study them (on-campus, external or online). Refer to the handbook for unit availability.
  • Review the prerequisite requirements of the units within your course. You may find that you will need to complete specific units in your first session or year in order to enrol in some of your higher-level units.

How to enrol

Current Macquarie students can add, check and change their unit enrolment via eStudent. Make sure you're aware of important academic dates before you take any action.