Graduation documents and collection

Upon graduation, you will receive documents which recognise your academic application and achievement while at Macquarie.

Your digital graduation documents will be available on My eQuals via a link sent to your student email account.

At your graduation ceremony you will receive:

  • your testamur, and
  • a copy of your official academic transcript.

You will also receive the Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) if your award is Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) compliant.

Use My eQuals to access your graduation documents securely online.


Your Macquarie University testamur certifies that you have been awarded your degree or diploma, sometimes referred to as:

  • a graduation certificate
  • diploma, or
  • parchment

The testamur is an A4 sized document that contains:

  • The Arms of the University
  • University seal
  • Signatures of the Vice-Chancellor and Registrar
  • Name of the graduate
  • Name of the degree/diploma, and
  • Conferral date.

Additional illustrations and text may appear on certain testamurs issued by the University depending on the nature of the award.

There can only be one testamur in circulation for a graduate of the degree for which they were awarded. Copies will not be produced by the University unless requirements for a replacement are met.

Courier delivery

Complete a form below if you have not elected a method of receiving your documents and you would like to receive your documents via Express Post/TNT international courier (fee incurred).

Replacement Testamur


You will need to complete a Replacement Testamur form online and pay the specified fee of AUD$50 for a general replacement or AUD$65 for a name change replacement (if different from your name at graduation).

You will be liable to pay the AUD$50 replacement fee if you did not receive your graduation documents due to an incorrect address supplied to the University.

If you do not have your original testamur, an original Statutory Declaration will also need to be submitted (faxes, photocopies and electronic copies are not accepted):

Send the original statutory declaration to:

Level 4, 18 Wally's Walk
Macquarie University
NSW 2109 Australia


Certified copies or original documents need to be supplied for name change replacements. Name changes or damaged testamurs do not require a Statutory Declaration. The original testamur must be returned to the University before a replacement can be issued.

A statement must be prepared for graduates currently residing in countries that do not have Statutory Declarations in their legal system. It must be witnessed and stamped/sealed by a notary public, or police officer, magistrate, solicitor or Australian Consulate official.

You must also submit your signature as it appears on a legitimate form of personal identification (eg driver licence, passport, etc). Your request will not be processed until you provide this.

There is no direct charge to replace graduation documents up to six months from the graduation date. However, the replacement documents must be personally collected or sent by Courier Delivery.

Note: If we receive your Replacement Testamur form while we are holding ceremonies, we may not be able to process this until the end of the graduation series.

Academic transcript

The academic transcript is the official and certified version of a student's academic record. The academic transcript lists:

  • units and programs a student has enrolled in
  • all units they have attempted, and
  • grades received.

An official academic transcript is always printed on secured University paper. As part of your graduation documents, one copy is included.

Additional copies of your academic transcript may be purchased from the University as required.

Find out more about requesting a transcript.