Registering in classes

Use Class Finder to see when and where your classes are being held and if they have space.

Once you’ve enrolled into units, you will then need to register for classes in eStudent*.

* Except if you have selected an Online/Flexible offering of a unit, you will not register for these classes in eStudent, instead you will need to refer to iLearn for further information on how the unit will be run.

Accessing the timetable

To access your timetable, visit Class Finder (click on the icon on the homepage of eStudent).

What is Class Finder?

Class Finder is a replacement to Timetable Viewer. Like Timetable Viewer it allows you to find either specific units, or filter to show when classes will be running, but Class Finder has more filters and shows you how many spaces are left in each class.

The search results also show more information, such as which building the class is taking place in, start and end time, as well as class type eg. lecture, practical, tutorial etc.

The examples below show how the filters allow you to refine your search:

Filter option





Refines the timeframe. Its best to pick either the current or upcoming study period.

However, class registration for that study period needs to be open.

Study period

Session 2


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Allow you to choose specific areas of interest, for example “I’m only interested in seeing units offered by the Department of xxxxx or the School of xxxxx. You can select multiple Faculties or Departments.

Department/School Name

School of Computing

Unit code prefix


Shows all units with your chosen prefix. When coupled with the Unit Level filter, this allows you to refine your search in far greater detail. For example, you may have an option set that asks you to complete a 2000 level computing unit. Filtering for COMP and 2000 will show all units that start COMP2xxx.

Unit code

COMP1150, COMP1050

If you know the exact units you are wanting to look at you can either type the unit code into the Search and select or scroll through the list of units to select one or more.

Attendance type

In person-scheduled

Use this filter if there is a particular attendance mode you wish to study by.

See Choosing units for more details on attendance types.

Unit level


Useful if you need or want to study certain level units



Coupled with Attendance type this can be a very useful filter, particularly if you are searching for a unit to fit in with your other studies or non-University activities.

For example, you have classes on campus on Wednesday morning, but you want to see which classes have space on a Wednesday afternoon.

We recommend you use Class Finder on a computer and have it open in a separate tab whilst you are enrolling in units and registering in classes. This should help you find and enrol in a unit that has class spaces available to suit your requirements.

Detailed instructions on how to use Class Finder are available in eStudent.