Launch your Macquarie experience

Macquarie Kickstart will be held from Monday 13 to Friday 17 February 2023.

Macquarie Kickstart provides a 'soft landing' for students, especially if you are transitioning from high school to university or are an international student *. This week will introduce you to the values and expectations of Macquarie, instilling a sense of community, and providing you with an important foundation to succeed in your studies.

Macquarie Kickstart is the second step in your orientation to Macquarie University.

Step 1: Complete MACQ2023 Your Student Starter Guide

Step 2: Register for Macquarie Kickstart Week 13 - 17 February

Step 3: Register for and attend Orientation Week events

* Australian postgraduate students

This week is specifically aimed at undergraduates and international students, however you are welcome to register for and attend any sessions of interest during this week. The event that will contain the most relevant content for you is your Faculty Welcome.