Get professional work exposure

Graduates are required to show prospective employers that they're able to work in a professional environment. Internships are a great way to develop transferable skills and to apply what you've studied in a workplace environment.


An internship will:

  • allow you to develop essential, transferable skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving
  • give you a taste of your potential career and help you understand your career direction
  • enhance your chances of gaining a graduate position upon completion of your degree.

Interns Australia is a great tool to use to better understand your rights as an intern along with what to expect from an internship.

Vocational internships for academic credit

Undergraduate students

Macquarie's PACE (Professional and Community Engagement) Program is dedicated to providing opportunities for students across all disciplines to engage with the community through a range of workplace activities.

Postgraduate students

A number of Masters degrees offer internships to students as part of their study program, including:

Postgraduate students who have space in their degree program are eligible to apply for the unit MGMT8080 in their flexible zone. As a first step, interested students can check with Student Services at to see if they are eligible to do MGMT8080.

Paid internships

Search for paid internship opportunities through:

Unpaid internships

Search for unpaid internship opportunities on our online job board CareerHub and other job websites as listed above.

Please be aware that according to the Fair Work Ombudsman, unpaid internships should only be with a voluntary or Not for Profit organisation or be of observatory nature within a business environment. If you are required to perform productive activities within a business, you would be considered an employee and be entitled to be paid as such.

Support and resources

Visit CareerHub to:

  • attend a workshop
  • attend an employer presentation
  • book an appointment
  • have your resume and cover letter reviewed
  • search for jobs
  • create your Career Portfolio

Virtual internships

Due to COVID-19 and working from home arrangements, virtual and remote internship opportunities are becoming increasingly prevalent. It is important to understand how to best work in an online environment and adapt to the challenges that this interaction mode can impose.