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Here to support you

Our Wellbeing Team are here to support you and help you succeed academically and personally

Final exam/assessment timetables released

The Session 1 and MQBS Term 2, 2020 online exam/alternative assessment timetables are now live

Introducing MQ Scoop!

We rounded up a unique group of students to give you the inside scoop on their life at MQ.

Student Success Support Package

Financial assistance for students impacted by COVID-19 - our commitment to your success.

Support for international students

Your quick guide to accessing support as an international student

Important dates

Find out all you need to know when it comes to important dates.


De-stress for success online today

We’ve created a program of activities and resources to help you stay calm, healthy and take a break when you need it as your prepare for your final online assessments/exams.



PeerLink Chill Zone

Come join us in the Chill Zone - we’ll be talking about how we’re coping with the current situation, taking a break from the madness and just hanging around (with some fun activities)....

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