Macquarie University believes technology should enhance your learning experience. It provides an extensive range of systems, software and services to assist and support students with their studies.

Macquarie’s fast cable and wifi networks keep students connected within the university and beyond. Software downloads and an array online resources are there to help with study, research, and personal and career development.

Our IT service desk and OneHelp systems take the worry out of administration tasks by providing easy access to support. We strive to make things as hassle-free as possible for our students.

  • Service desk

    Contact the IT Service Desk to assist you with issues ranging from network access to computer problems.

  • Online spaces

    We have a variety of online spaces that enable students to collaborate, study and stay connected.

  • Wireless networks

    Macquarie OneNet WiFi is the easiest, most convenient way for students to connect wirelessly to our campus network with a set-and-forget personal connection.

  • Software downloads

    Macquarie University provides software applications that can be downloaded directly onto your computer without the need for permissions.

  • Access to systems

    Students at Macquarie have access to various systems they may need in the course of their study. From enrolling online to checking exam results to Unit readings or searching timetables.

  • iPrint

    iPrint is available to all Macquarie University students and Library patrons. Print from anywhere, collect from multiple locations around campus.

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