Range of systems, software and services

Macquarie University seeks to enhance students' learning experience by providing them with latest softwares and technological support that will assist them with their studies.

Macquarie’s fast cable and wi-fi networks keep students connected within the university and beyond. Software downloads and an array of online resources are there to help with study, research, and personal and career development.

Our IT Service Desk and OneHelp systems take the worry out of administration tasks by providing easy access to support. We strive to make things as hassle-free as possible for our students.


Print from anywhere and collect from multiple locations around campus.

Online behaviour

Learn about appropriate online behaviour and see how you can report any disrespectful or inappropriate events.

Risk reporting (ROAR)

Learn how to report risks and hazards via our Risk Online Active Reporting system and notify the Risk and Assurance team.

IT Service Desk

Contact the IT Service Desk to assist you with your IT service requests/queries.

Computer labs

All students are free to use computers labs at uni. Find out where they are located.

Use the services provided to you while studying at Macquarie and keep learning!

Multifactor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required to log in to iLearn and eStudent when you are not on the Macquarie University campus network. Find out more and how to set up multi-factor authentication for MQ systems.