2021 National Student Safety Survey Results

The 2021 National Student Safety Survey (NSSS) was funded by Universities Australia, as part of the Respect.Now.Always project.

Respect.Now.Always aims to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault occurring in University communities, and support those who have been affected. Find out more about the progress, actions, and initiatives that have been implemented by Macquarie University.

Vice-Chancellor's update

Hear the Vice-Chancellor talk through the results of the survey:

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Visit the 2021 National Student Safety Survey website for more information and the full reports, or view:


If you, or someone you know at Macquarie, has experienced sexual assault or sexual harassment, you can talk to our staff or external services.

Consent matters

Complete the Consent Matters course in iLearn to learn how you can take action to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Inappropriate and unwanted behaviour (IUB) report

Report sexual harassment or sexual assault, other unwanted or inappropriate behaviour, or safety concerns due to someone's behaviour, if students are involved.

Student Wellbeing staff will contact the person making a report (if they provide their contact details) to ensure that those affected are safe and to help manage the effects of the situation (including identifying and discussing response options).