Graduate opportunities

Graduate employment programs are structured programs offered by mid to large sized organisations or government departments which provide ongoing training, support and development opportunities to recent graduates.

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These programs:

  • last between one to two years
  • involve rotations within different areas of the organisation's business
  • may offer overseas opportunities.

Graduate programs are very competitive and the selection process can start as early as a year prior to the program commencing.

Graduate roles differ from entry level roles in many different ways.

Graduate program

  • Enter business at a slightly higher level – more expected of you
  • Overview of entire business across departments
  • Additional training provided
  • Open during times that align with academic year
  • Offered full-time role at the end of the program within your area of choice

Entry-level job

  • Enter business at the lower entry level
  • Primarily work in one business area with no rotation
  • Training only provided to do with your immediate work
  • Open as vacancies arise
  • Continue with entry role until promoted

Graduate employment programs:

  • are for students who are in their final year of study and very recent graduates
  • may require students to have a specific degree background or may accept students from all degree backgrounds.

Since most employers recruit their graduates out of their existing internship pool, graduate employment programs can be very competitive.

Therefore, employers also seek to recruit students who have:

  • strong academic results
  • been involved in extracurricular activities on campus (eg part of a student society) and/or volunteering
  • been on overseas exchange
  • some relevant work experience.

International students

International students interested in applying for graduate programs should be aware of eligibility criteria relating to residency or visa restrictions. If you are looking at graduate programs with multi-national firms, consider applying to the firm's office within your home country. You could always return to work in that firm's Australian offices in the future.

Most applications for graduate programs open early in the year and generally close in March/April. Some employers may recruit later in the year, or may offer more than one intake during the year.

Successful applicants are expected to commence their positions the following year.

Most companies will require applicants to apply online.

The application process will include one or more of the following:

  • Resume/CV
  • Academic transcript
  • Cover letter
  • Psychometric testing

Each company will have its own application process. Consult their website or contact them directly to get a better understanding of their specific application requirements.

For assistance with your application and the graduate recruitment process (including psychometric testing) go to MyMQ Career Zone:

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