Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)

Our community

As the new academic year gets into full swing, I welcome again all new students. I hope you are finding your way around and feeling the generous welcome of being part of the Macquarie University community. To our returning students, I offer a warm welcome back to class and campus.

There are many avenues of support for you while you are with us as a student at Macquarie University. These include Service Connect, study skills, course guidance, wellbeing, advocacy and accessibility, to mention just a few. Find out more about Student Support.

Please do reach out to any of these parts of the University if you think we can help at all. Macquarie provides a safe and welcoming environment for everyone, no matter what your background is or where you come from.

We operate in a community which has the highest regard for mutuality of respect, no matter our religious or cultural backgrounds. The University has rules and policies around behaviour and conduct and we are always mindful of the laws of Australia. The University does not tolerate breaches of those laws. We do not tolerate sexual assault or harassment, and I urge all students to complete the safer communities training programs available to promote awareness. Similarly, while we will always protect the rights to freedom of speech and academic freedom, we have no tolerance for words and actions that transgress our policies and Australian laws in relation to racial or religious vilification or threatening or inciting violence on grounds of race or religion. There is no place for antisemitism or Islamophobia at Macquarie University. We have and will continue to involve the police and law enforcement agencies as needed.

I wish you all the very best for the academic year ahead.

Professor Rorden Wilkinson
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)