• Study

    We’ve got plenty of spaces to use for study – even after hours – and lots of resources to help develop your skills. If you need advice our academic advisers can help with guidance and answer your questions about your program.

    • Technology

      Macquarie University believes technology should enhance your learning experience. It provides an extensive range of systems, software and services to assist and support students with their studies.

    • Wellbeing

      We offer a range of wellbeing services that are available to you at any time during your studies. Campus Wellbeing is here to support you and help you succeed, both academically and personally. Wellbeing services are free and confidential.

      • Financial and legal

        Student Advocacy is there when you need help with understanding how the University’s rules and procedures are applied, or who to contact when something happens outside the University. Our Wellbeing team can assist when you have financial difficulties. 

        • Indigenous students

          Walanga Muru provides tailored, individual support services and a culturally safe place for Indigenous students to excel in their learning journey and complete their chosen degree. Services include academic advice, enrolment support, tailored inductions, alternative entry pathways, tutoring, and scholarship support.

          • International students

            International students need to plan their arrival to ensure they have all the knowledge and support they need to get off to a good start at Macquarie. Organise accommodation and transport before you leave home and attend an arrival talk during orientation week.

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