Customise your course

You can map out your study plan, engage in real-world learning activities through PACE, gain interpersonal skills through GLP, or choose one of over 200 partner universities for overseas study opportunities.

As long as you fulfil the requirements for your study, you have multiple opportunities to customise your course.

Academic dates

It is important to be aware of census dates, payment due dates, session start and end dates, and exam dates. We've provided some guidance on how to use Macquarie's academic calendar.


Be prepared for the new session by finding out when and where your classes are being held with our unit timetables.


A course, whether it is for a degree or diploma, is made up of a number of units of study. Find out more about unit levels and choosing your units.

From accessing your timetable, academic dates and units, to enrolling in a partner university in one of over 50 countries, you can shape your own path through your course at Macquarie.