Stay connected to your roots

Celebrate, share and explore different cultures and communities by joining one of the many cultural clubs representing our diverse student body.

Student Group Name


Afghan Youth Association

The basis of our community is to gather the increasing number of Afghan Australian students of MQU and allow us to share our cultural backgrounds and beliefs within ourselves, as well as raising awareness of who we are and what we stand for to the rest of the University.

African Students Association

If you are an African looking to mingle with other Africans, or simply someone looking to learn more about African culture, join our vibrant society for a fun time!

Armenian Students' Association

The Macquarie Armenian Students' Association aims to integrate both the Armenian and non-Armenian students that attend Macquarie University within a social association.

Bangladeshi Students Association

Connecting Bangladeshi students, alumni and graduates with each other, we also warmly welcome interested students from all other nationalities who want to know our culture, experience Bengali traditional festivals and be a part of us.

Cambodian SocietyMQ Cambodian Society is a community where students can learn about and spread Cambodian culture and traditions through fun events and activities. We aim to provide a network building platform through which students can have fun learning and spreading Cambodian culture. Join us for a taste of Cambodian culture.

Chinese Students & Scholars Association

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association helps students from overseas to integrate into the Australian community. We create a network that helps its members to communicate and assist each other with integrating into University life.

Filipino Students Society

An organisation created to enhance the presence of Filipino students on campus, to promote Filipino culture, and to serve as a platform for fellowship, engagement, support and intercultural understanding.

Greek Association

Established in 1984 to uphold and represent the principles of Hellenism.

Hong Kong Student Association

HKSA aims to bring together local and international MQ students who are interested in the Hong Kong culture. We strive not only at providing our members a more enjoyable student experience at Macquarie University, but also helping them explore the exciting Sydney lifestyle.

Indigenous Students Association

The aim and mission of the Indigenous Student Association is to empower both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students through education, engagement and leadership.

Indonesian Student Society (PPIA)

PPIA Macquarie shares the pride of Indonesia - nurturing each Indonesian student at Macquarie University so they can perform at their best.

Iranian Student Association

The vision of this group is to celebrate Iranian cultural events which is thousands of years old alongside national events. Events such as Nowrooz, Yalda night, dance, classical music concerts and traditional story-telling parties can make your life here much more interesting and joyful.

Japanese Association

JAM is a cultural society that seeks to promote Japanese culture and encourage cultural exchange between local and Japanese students.

Korean Students Association

Macquarie University Korean Students Association aims to help students connect with other like minded students and promote Korean Culture and the Korean community within Macquarie University.

Young Australian Lebanese Association

The purpose of the Club is to endorse Lebanese culture and to unite Lebanese students of MQU.

Macquarie Overseas Vietnamese

Macquarie Overseas Vietnamese (MOV) is continuously working to assist new Vietnamese students and enrich their studying and cultural experiences at Macquarie. We share our experiences in living, studying, finding accommodation etc. to newcomers, and support one another.

Malaysian Student Association

MSA is a student organisation providing a line up of social, sporting and cultural events in addition to collaborating with other Malaysian student organisations from other universities in Sydney.

Myanmar Students Club

Our mission is to create a family-like society for Myanmar students who are away from home as well as to enable other students from all over the world to learn more about Myanmar culture and society.

Nepalese Students Association

Established to offer a platform for Nepalese students to connect, engage and create meaningful relationships and experiences, we promote Nepalese tradition and culture at Macquarie.

Nordic Society

The aim of this student group is to give Nordic students an opportunity to maintain the Nordic culture and give other students a chance to learn and understand them.

Pakistanis at Macquarie

A social network and community of Macquarie University's Pakistani Domestic and International Students. Our aim is to raise awareness about the vibrant and the positive side of Pakistani Culture, whilst also existing as a supporting network for Pakistani Students looking for developing peers for life.

Pasifika Student Association

This group celebrates the diversity and interconnectivity of the Pacific Islands, its people, its heritage and its unique culture. P.S.A aims to not only connect Macquarie’s Pasifika students but those who enjoy and can sometimes be a part of the familial ties of those with Pasifika heritage.

Persian Society

A cultural student group that welcomes students from all around the world and attempts to enrich everyone’s understanding of the Persian culture, through traditional games, food, music, dancing and language.

Sikh Students Association

MQ Sikhs Student Association (SSA) is all about serving the Sikh community, as well as the wider community around us, and aims to provide a network for Sikh Students at Macquarie University.

Singapore Students Association

The Singapore Students Association is a cultural society invested in sharing Singaporean culture; hosting events that give experiences of Singaporean cuisine and sharing career opportunities in Singapore.

Slavic Students Association

Our goal is to provide a safe and welcoming platform for Slavic people of all diverse backgrounds to socialise, interact and unite as one. At MQ SlavSoc you will get the chance to meet new people, experience Slavic culture and create life lasting friends.

Sri Lankan Student Society

The Sri Lankan Student Society serves as the hub for all Sri Lankan activities at Macquarie University. Through this society, Sri Lankans and Non-Sri Lankans can discover the rich culture and traditions of Sri Lanka.

Taiwanese Students Association

We are a culturally based student society that aims to provide fun and exciting events to our members regardless of their cultural background. We have a team of passionate and vibrant committee members to bring you exciting and unforgettable events on a regular basis!

Tamil Sangam

Designed to enable Tamil and non-Tamil students to engage and explore our language and culture.

Thai Student Association

Macquarie University Thai Student Association aims to learn about each other, connect and exchange cultural stories with Thais and foreign students who are interested in Thai culture and Thailand. We are pleased to welcome/invite peers from all nationalities and cultural backgrounds to participate and find your lifetime Thai friends here at MQ.

Turkish Society

A student group that aims to promote unity and social interaction amongst the multicultural student body. Forming friendships and building networks is highly encouraged as is engaging fully with the aims of the society.

Vietnamese Students Association

The Vietnamese Students' Association is a social platform for students to build networks, develop skills and grow as individuals. We are a multicultural organisation, that promote the Vietnamese culture with everyone!