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180 Degrees Consulting

Become part of the world’s largest student led consultancy firm that works with nonprofits to increase their positive social impact. New consultants gain valuable consulting experience by working with real clients, and gain professional development opportunities from internal and external mentors from management consulting and professional services firms, such as Accenture, Bain & Company and McKinsey & Company.

Accounting Students Association

The Accounting Students Association (ASA) is committed to building the bridge between Macquarie Accounting students and professional institutions prominent in the accounting field. ASA seeks to improve the practical and employable skills of its members by organising seminars and soft skills workshops in close coordination with our partners.

Actuarial Students Society

Actuarial Students Society is passionate about helping actuarial studies students to maximise their university experience through careers, academic, sporting and social services. We are committed to organising a wide variety of events that provide members with the best opportunities to gain new experiences, forge lasting relationships and develop a direction for their future careers.


AIESEC is a not-for-profit, youth run leadership development organisation that places its confidence in youth leadership as the key to unlocking a better future. We develop this leadership through our exchange programs, providing students with practical experiences in challenging environments overseas.

Ancient History Association

A group for all history enthusiasts to come together and socialise, network, and discuss history. We have many fun events planned throughout the year, including the annual Ancient History Revue, movie nights, book drives, department lectures, and much more! We embrace all aspects of history, including those not taught at Macquarie and periods that fall into the modern history epoch.

Archaeology Society

Share a love for archaeology? Studying a Bachelor of Archaeology? The Archaeological Society of Macquarie University (ASMU) is an organisation which aims to mix individuals who share a love for archaeology with students who are undergoing the bachelor of archaeology.

Association of Computing Students

MACS is a student group focused on assisting computing students to upskill and improve their career prospects with professional computing workshops, networking sessions, career opportunities, and regular social events. We aim to improve the overall experience of students undertaking computing degrees and providing general support for computing students.

Audiology Students Society

The Audiology Students Society is for 1st and 2nd year students of the Masters of Clinical Audiology.

Australian Wall Street

AWS@MQ strives to be the response to the most widely asked question amongst the international student community: “How do we secure a job in Australia?” Through organising events ranging from CV building/interview preparation workshops to company visits/professional seminars, we aim to aid students in bridging the gap through their transition from an academic setting to a professional environment.

Automotive Society
The MQAS team prides itself on engaging and assisting students with a passion for DIY engineering, design, and fundamental mechanics. We offer students the ability to utilise the workshop at 44 Waterloo Road to design and create to their heart's content, while offering invaluable practical learning experiences. Everything from DIY EV bike and Go-Kart conversions, hands on tool experience, how to service your car workshops, even surface finish techniques like sandblasting, anodising and powder coating. We also pride ourselves on being the most active society and holding activities such as Track days, Karting days, car meets and cruises, MQAS member meet and greets, inter-society events, racing simulator competitions, movie nights, students projects and much more. MQAS is not just a society, it's an ever growing family, open to all students and here to support their creativity and passion for learning.

Biology and Environment Society

Our society’s aim is to gather people with a common interest in the fields of biology and environmental science to promote events, research and news relating to biology and environmental science, and provide a medium for scientific discussion and networking. You do not have to study science to become a member - we welcome everyone.

Business Analytics Club

The purpose of the Club is to ensure from all the faculties have access to knowledge regarding data science and data analysis. This club aspires to spread the importance of knowing about data in today’s economy.

Business Society

We aim to connect students from all disciplines, with a passion in business. We are here to support you, as a university student, throughout your journey at Macquarie University and to improve your experience. We offer you a range of social and professional events to make the most of your time at university. This allows you to create lifelong friendships and to network with other like-minded peers and lastly, for you to have a fun university experience!

China Entrepreneur Network Sydney

China Entrepreneur Network Society (CENS-MQ) acts as a bridge between Australian and Chinese market aims to cultivate leaders and pioneers to implement the best practice in the business arena, to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skill with the commitment to cultural diversity, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability.

Chiropractic Students Association

MUCSA aims to improve the overall learning and social experience throughout the Chiropractic degree.

Clinical Science Society

The Clinical Science Society provides opportunities for the B Clinical Science cohort to connect with each other, the University, other students and the wider Medical community through a range of opportunities, events and initiatives and seeks to grow their connections with leaders in the medicine and medical education.

Communications Club

Our club is a group of business communications enthusiasts from Macquarie Business School. We're here to keep you on the leading edge with all things related to business communications; sharpen and elevate your public speaking skills with our Toastmasters meetings; events to get you networking with leaders; and competitions to help you keep testing your prowess in communicating effectively.

Congress of Chiropractic Students

The Congress of Chiropractic students, known as the WCCS, is an international not-for-profit organisation composed solely of chiropractic students from around the world and serves as a forum for a diverse array of perspectives, philosophies and practices. Through the WCCS you are able to develop the leadership skills and a deeper understanding of the diversity within chiropractic, necessary to advance the profession in the wider healthcare industry.

Consulting Club

The Macquarie Consulting club practises case interview style questions in weekly workshops and works towards increasing the competitiveness of Macquarie students in consulting based competitions across Sydney and the world. At MCC we want to nurture those looking towards a career in the consulting and advisory industries to give them the best chance they can have at success.

Education Society

The official society for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary students of Macquarie University Department of Educational Studies. MQED aims to support Education students academically, professionally and socially by running events and providing opportunities for students to grow in each of these domains.


Enactus is an international nonprofit organisation that brings together student, academic and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to enable progress around the world. Enactus MQ’s leadership and career initiatives create meaningful opportunities for cross generational learning and exchange as well as the placement of students and alumni with companies in search of emerging talent.

Engineers Without BordersEngineers Without Borders is a nonprofit organisation that aims to redefine the purpose and impact of engineering as a critical enabler of sustainable development to create a world where technology benefits all. The student chapter at Macquarie University organises activities to facilitate initiatives such as School Outreach Workshops, networking with industry professionals and more!
Entrepreneurship Club

The Entrepreneurship Club aims to provide a platform by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs and leaders to share ideas.

Geoscience Society

Geoscience is a crucial component for understanding our Earth; its past, its present and its future. As Geoscientists, our role in exploring, and extracting mineral resources, water resources and earth materials, our methods for prediction, prevention and mitigation of natural and man-made hazards, while still addressing the issues of global warming, climate change and environmental pollution make us an indispensable field of science.

Global Health Society

Our aim is to engage students in global health through various events and advocacy. We also hope to provide you with skills and knowledge to work in vulnerable communities as a health professional.

Law Society

MULS is the largest student representative group at Macquarie University. Come and get involved with the law school community with social events, educational support, mooting and skills competitions, careers events, sporting functions, and initiatives that inspire students to use the law as an instrument for social change.

MQBS Marketing Club

Community of Marketing Enthusiasts at Macquarie Business School.

Marketing Student Association

MMSA is a student-run organisation which currently aims to present a range of opportunities to students studying Marketing and Management at Macquarie University. MMSA aims to encourage their members to reach full potential and make the most out of their degree whilst studying at university, by creating a link between students, the faculty, and the industry corresponding to their career objectives.

Medicine Society

MUMS is the peak representative body for the medical students at Macquarie University. We aim to support students in the MQ MD program, catering to their social needs and well-being. We also offer our members opportunities for academic and professional development throughout their medical school journey.

Medical Society (Postgrad)

We are a postgraduate medical society catering to the needs of the postgraduates in the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences.

Philosophy Society

Macquarie University Philosophy Society is a place for students to learn about and discuss philosophy. Formerly known as the Platonic Society.

Physics and Astronomy Society

Welcomes anyone with an interest in the universe and how it works! We hold talks on physics and astronomy, observatory nights, and social events. We aim to provide a community where society members can interact with other undergraduates, masters students, PhD students, post-docs and academics, in a relaxed social environment.

Physiotherapy Society

The Physiotherapy Society aims to promote physiotherapy as a profession at Macquarie University. We act as a social group for students enrolled in the discipline of physiotherapy at Macquarie University.

Politics Society

We are the representative body for students studying Politics and International Relations students at Macquarie University. We facilitate balanced discussion on political and geopolitical issues, as well as assist students in pursuing professional opportunities. We organise social and networking events, debates, panel discussions and seminars with professionals.

Psychology Society

We are a student group focused on celebrating student interest in psychology and delivery of both social and academic events.

Rural Health Club

MURHC is a student organisation focused on engagement and awareness of Rural Health within the Macquarie University Community.
We feel that taking initiative to promote rural health is an important step to address the unacceptable health disparities that currently exists in our country.

Security Studies and Criminology Society

Official MQ affiliated society for all present and former members of the department of Security Studies and Criminology.

Speech Hearing and Linguistics Society

The society for those doing Speech, Hearing and Language Sciences at MQU, or those with a general interest in linguistics!

Speed Team

We comprise of a diverse variety of Macquarie University students who believe that the opportunity to design, construct, fund, promote and compete in the Human Powered Vehicle Speed Challenge will provide us with a unique opportunity to apply the theory that we are learning through our degrees to a practical, exciting and dynamic project.

Undergraduate Mathematics Society

MQMS is Macquarie University's Undergraduate Mathematics Society. We run a variety of social and academic events, whilst providing support to mathematics students, including solutions to past papers

University Network for Investing and Trading

We strive to provide financial education for novices and experts alike through our educational seminars, promote career opportunities through Facebook, weekly e-Newsletters and our website and provide professional networking opportunities for students spread across a broad range of degrees and majors.

Women Entering Business

We aim to provide our students with the opportunity to connect with professional networks and high achieving female students in business, through both social and professional events. We wish to equip our members with the skills, networks and knowledge to best prepare them to confidently enter the business world.