Network and stay connected for success

Building connections is vital to success. Follow Macquarie University's LinkedIn page and use our LinkedIn tool to network with Macquarie alumni working in your field.

The Macquarie University LinkedIn page gives you the chance to stay connected with your Alma Mater and get updated on the latest news about Macquarie. It also helps you network with like-minded people who attended Macquarie.

To find alumni to connect with, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Macquarie University LinkedIn page and make sure you are following it.
  2. Click on the Alumni tab (left-hand menu).
  3. Here, you will find the Alumni tool.

The Alumni tool

This LinkedIn feature allows you to know how many alumni from Macquarie University are on LinkedIn. You can narrow down your search based on different criteria such as:

  • where they live
  • where they work
  • what they do
  • what they studied
  • what they are skilled at
  • how you are connected

By using these filters, you can find and network with Macquarie alumni near you who have similar interests and/or skill sets as you and that are doing something you are interested in.

Make sure to use this great networking tool and start connecting with fellow Macquarie professionals.

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