CARE MQ Network and reporting mechanisms

If you or someone you know are impacted by wellbeing concerns, tell us by submitting a CARE MQ report.

The CARE MQ Network helps identify students whose wellbeing may be at risk. We aim to provide timely and appropriate support to our students, and access to the resources and services they need to succeed and thrive as students and beyond.

Wellbeing concerns and support

It is important that we know when you or a student you know is having issues involving:

  • Legal situation and/or visa
  • A known or unknown ongoing health condition
  • Academic performance
  • Housing
  • Finances
  • Research performance and/or progression
  • Injuries
  • Disrupting behaviour
  • Safety in relation to themselves or others
  • Security

Submit a report

Submitting a Care MQ Report is a way for our community members to alert the University when students are experiencing personal difficulty. We encourage you to report a student as soon as a concern arises. We have found that providing early support can sometimes be critical to personal and academic success for students.

Submit a Wellbeing report

After reporting

The CARE MQ Network will review the details and activate a coordinated response to support the student. Students identified as requiring support will be offered the opportunity to engage with staff and support services to discuss their support needs.

Following up

If you need to follow-up regarding the status of a CARE referral, or if you have additional information or a change in level or concerns, contact us directly at CARE staff members may need to request additional information for clarification.

Emergency contacts

If you require immediate help or medical attention, contact: