Professional and Community Engagement program (PACE)

PACE engages you in real-world learning activities with organisations across Australia and around the globe. You'll gain invaluable practical experience that employers value.

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About PACE

All Macquarie Bachelor degrees include at least one PACE unit. In this unit, you will engage in a practical learning activity where you will explore key economic, social and ethical challenges, and learn about how contemporary organisations address them.

You will also get the opportunity to contribute your knowledge, ideas and fresh perspective to support your host organisation’s mission and objectives.

Benefits of PACE

PACE will help you stand out from other graduates by giving you the opportunity to build your skills and ability to adapt in a rapidly changing world.

As a PACE student you can:

  • Learn from sector-leading professionals
  • Develop new knowledge and skills
  • Explore future career options
  • Build professional contacts and networks
  • Become job-ready
  • Be exposed to new and diverse perspectives
  • Demonstrate your ability to adapt to new environments
  • Develop cross-cultural competency
  • Become a more informed global citizen
  • Contribute to positive social change

The PACE difference

The scope, scale, and diversity of PACE are unmatched in the Australian Higher Education sector. We have a vast network of over 3,000 host organisations both within Australia and in over 25 countries around the world.

We’ve embedded PACE units into all of our Bachelor degrees, so no matter what you're studying, you'll get the benefits of PACE.

Get set for your PACE opportunity and find more about what you can do, and where you can go.