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The Global Leadership Program (GLP) provides you with the knowledge, skills and networks that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals, both here in Sydney and globally.

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About the program

The Global Leadership Program (GLP) is a free, self-paced, program designed to help you become a multifaceted global citizen, giving you a competitive edge as a graduate.

Is the GLP for me?

Do you want to better understand what’s going on in the world, develop professional skills and uncover your potential?

The GLP provides the framework, resources, and guidance to support your personal and professional development, prior to graduation.

What is it like to do the GLP?

You will:

  • Attend expert-led workshops – Become exposed to new perspectives and ideas through interactive discussions with fellow program participants.
  • Undertake flexible and self-directed practical activities – Internships, volunteering, conferences, career workshops, exchange, study tours, community courses, and more. Curate the GLP to fit your interests, professional goals, class timetable and other commitments with the help of your GLP Advisor.
  • Become part of an active and engaged community – Connect with like-minded peers outside of your study discipline.

What will I get out of the GLP?

You can expect to gain knowledge and experiences, be part of a large community, and grow your networks and professional skills, all of which will  put you ahead of the pack when you graduate.

GLP students develop:

  • knowledge of international issues
  • cross-cultural communication skills
  • leadership skills
  • a practical understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship.

If you complete the requirements of the undergraduate or postgraduate GLP, GLP will be listed on your Australian Higher Education Graduate Statement (AHEGS).

The GLP will also supply you with the following documentation if you complete the Undergraduate GLP, Postgraduate GLP, or the Global Leadership Certificate (the Global Leadership Certificate is for study abroad and exchange students only):

  • a micro-credential – a digital badge that can be used on platforms, such as LinkedIn, to highlight and validate learning (undergraduate and postgraduate only)
  • a letter of recommendation
  • a certificate of achievement
  • a transcript of all your GLP activities.


There are no entry requirements for the GLP – it's an inclusive community of students from all backgrounds and we strongly encourage all undergraduate, postgraduate, and study abroad and exchange students to join.

Join the program

  • Register on GLP’s online platform with your Student ID
  • Fill in your details
  • Register for a compulsory Welcome Session
  • Attend the Welcome Session and you are part of the program!