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We are committed to protecting human rights and contributing to the global effort to eradicate modern slavery whether it’s through our education offerings, our world-renowned research or by striving for an ethical supply chain in our operations and partnerships.

What is modern slavery?

Modern slavery refers to a range of serious crimes and human rights violations that involve exploitation and control. Some examples of modern slavery include human trafficking, slavery, servitude, forced labour, forced marriage, debt bondage, the worst forms of child labour and deceptive recruiting for labour or services.

There are almost 50 million people in modern slavery conditions worldwide, with an estimated 41,000 in Australia.

Young people and students are at higher risk of experiencing modern slavery both in Australia and overseas, with international students at the highest risk.

Those who have fewer immediate support networks, lower English language proficiency, work in the gig economy, or are unaware of the workforce laws in Australia are particularly vulnerable.

Victims of modern slavery become trapped in these circumstances due to poverty, exclusion and a lack of power and choice, making them vulnerable to exploitation and forcing them to take risks in search of safety, opportunities to provide for their families or improve their prospects.

Where to report?

The University’s Student Care and Reporting Network allows all students, staff, partners, and members of the public to report issues and seek assistance, including any concerns relating to modern slavery and/or student exploitation.

The Reporting Wrongdoing – Public Interest Disclosures Policy is designed to establish an internal system for receiving, assessing and dealing with internal reports of suspected wrongdoing.

Macquarie’s complaints and misconduct reporting portal has pathways for staff, students, and members of the public to report complaints, including for threatening behaviour. The University also has a dedicated, online Risk Online Active Reporting (ROAR) system that allows staff, students or members of the public to contact the Workplace Health and Safety, and Risk teams directly about anything that they may consider risky, hazardous or threatening.

All University students have access to wellbeing assistance via Student Wellbeing and can report concerns about wellbeing and safety via the Student Care and Reporting Network.

Signs of modern slavery can include:

  • Controlled or restricted freedom of movement, eg. being monitored, guarded or confined
  • Intimidation and threats, including threats of deportation
  • Threatened or actual physical and/or sexual violence
  • Travel or other important documents being taken by an employer or a third party
  • Abusive living and/or working conditions
  • Living at the workplace or another place owned/controlled by employer
  • Isolation – geographic, social and/or linguistic
  • Withholding, underpayment or no payment of wages
  • Excessive hours of work
  • Debt bondage (ie. labour or services are provided as security or repayment of an inflated debt)
  • Deceived or lack of information about nature and conditions of work
  • No discretion over life decisions
  • Unable to end employment at any time

Familiarise yourself with the legislation: Modern Slavery Act 2018

Information on your workplace rights:

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Refugee Support : Support for current and prospective refugee and asylum seeker students

Safety and Respect on Campus : Report an incident of sexual exploitation

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