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Academic progression and Special Circumstance grade in 2020

Due to COVID-19, and recognising the impact it may have had on your learning, a Special Circumstance (SC) grade was introduced for some study periods in 2020 – you can find out more about this on our grading systems page. Units you received an SC grade for in 2020 did not count towards the calculation of your Academic Standing. Any units you passed were counted to recognise the positive progress that you are making during the COVID-19 situation.

Below are some examples of how SC grade worked with your academic standing.

  1. If you were on an Academic Standing of Conditional Enrolment and for Session 2, 2020 you received one Pass and two SC grades you would move to a standing of Academic Caution. You were considered to have Passed 100% of your units as SC grades were not being counted.
  2. If you received an SC grade for all of your Session 2, 2020 units you would remain on your previous standing, eg if you were on Probation and received SC grades for all of your Session 2, 2020 units you would be placed on Probation again ahead of your next session of study.

There may be changes to some information below due to updates related to the COVID-19 situation. We suggest you take a look at Macquarie's COVID-19 site for the latest information.

Academic progression

The Academic Progression Policy supports students to complete their degree program/s and applies to all domestic and international, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in Sessions 1 and 2.

Session 3 does not contribute to the Academic Progression calculation.

Progress in your studies is indicated by your Academic Standing.

You will be informed of your Academic Standing with your examination results at the end of each enrolled session to ensure you are on track to completing your degree.

In addition to the Academic Progression Policy and Academic Standing, if you are enrolled in a practical, clinical or professional program, your progression may also be governed by:

These may apply in addition to your Academic Standing.