Student loans and grants

Students enrolled at Macquarie and studying onshore can apply for a student loan or grant. Loans and grants are not for the repayment of debts to others and cannot be used to pay tuition fees.

There are different requirements for students applying. If you are not sure whether you can apply, please contact a Welfare Advisor to discuss your application for a loan or grant.

Difference between a loan and a grant

Loans are interest-free, but are repaid.

Grants do not need to be repaid. Whether you can apply for a loan or grant depends on your situation.

Amount you can request

  • The maximum is $2000.
  • For a computer, the maximum you can request is $500.
  • The amount that you ask for is the total cost of the items that you need to purchase, or $2000 if the total is above $2000.


Loans and grants are for study-related costs, for example:

  • textbooks
  • computers or other IT equipment
  • software
  • fieldtrips or excursions
  • travel due to placements or PACE units.

In some situations, students can request financial help with expenses like rental bond/rent or food. If you need help with living expenses, contact a Welfare Advisor. There may be alternative sources of financial assistance available.

Applying for a loan or grant

Fill out an application form online.

You will need to provide information about your situation, including your income and expenses. Note that information entered into the form is not saved until the form is submitted.

Apply now

Information you need to provide on your application

You need to fill out the application form online, complete a budget spreadsheet and give information about your circumstances. You will also need to supply documents showing your income and major expenses, such as:

  • Centrelink income statement, payslips, a recent bank statement
  • evidence of rent or other accommodation costs
  • evidence of other significant costs

Information should be sufficient to provide a general overview of your situation. If you are not sure what to include, contact a Welfare Advisor

You will need to get quotes or other support for the cost of the items that you are requesting, for eg. cost of textbooks or computer.

Submitting your application

Submit your application online. If you cannot submit your application online then please contact Student Wellbeing.

International loan schemes

If you are from the United States, Canada or Europe you may be able to apply for a student loan from your home country to cover the costs of studying at Macquarie.


If you need assistance completing a loan or grant application, or you have questions about the loans or grants scheme, or about your financial situation, then please make a time to meet with a Welfare Advisor.