Opal concession eligibility

As a Macquarie domestic student, you may be eligible for concession travel with Transport for NSW. Find out about the eligibility criteria and steps to follow to get a concession Opal card.

New students

If you are enrolled as a full-time, internal student at Macquarie University, you may be eligible for concession travel on public transport in NSW. To order a concession Opal card, follow the steps under 'Applying' below.

Continuing students

Continuing students need to submit a new declaration each year for your concession Opal card to remain active. Don't forget to go to AskMQ and submit your declaration form to allow us to share your eligibility/enrolment status details with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for this year.


To check your eligibility, access the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) website or read their transport concession guidelines [PDF 236.8KB].

International tertiary students are generally not entitled to concession fares in NSW. To understand the eligibility requirements, international students can check the TfNSW tertiary students information.


Follow these simple steps to apply for your student concession Opal card. You should ensure you have your enrolment information handy when applying.

  1. Log in to AskMQ and fill out a declaration form to allow MQ to share your eligibility/enrolment status with TfNSW. Continuing students need to submit a declaration each calendar year.
  2. Wait 24 to 48 hours for the TfNSW Opal system to receive your declaration.
  3. Go to TfNSW Concession Opal Card and apply by either visiting opal.com.au or calling 13 67 25 (13 OPAL).

Your concession Opal card will arrive in the post within five to seven working days. You should then activate the new card before using it to travel.

If you have filled in the declaration and are having trouble applying, make sure you check your eligibility.

Verified your eligibility and still having problems? Check out our FAQs below to troubleshoot your situation.

Student ID

Tertiary student proof of entitlement

Opal concession card and required proof of entitlement

  • For travel within the Opal network, tertiary students will require one of the following as well as their Concession Opal card:
    • an Approved Form of Student ID Card (Macquarie's student campus card has been approved by TfNSW)
    • a Transport Concession Entitlement Card
  • For travel in regional NSW (outside the Opal network), tertiary students will require the following in conjunction with a paper ticket:
    • a Transport Concession Entitlement Card

You must carry these cards when you travel. If you do not have your concession Opal card and proof of entitlement (your student campus card), you will need to pay for and travel with an adult fare or you may be fined.

Important information

To facilitate reforms to the NSW Tertiary Student Transport concession schemes, including the introduction of an electronic ticketing system (concession) under a new scheme agreed with Transport for NSW (TfNSW), the University is now responsible for verifying the eligibility of students to TfNSW.

Once your eligibility is confirmed by the University, the University is required to send your name, date of birth and University OneID directly to TfNSW. This enables TfNSW to process student applications for concession travel.

If you wish to apply for the concession, you must complete the application form at the TfNSW website.

Further information about the concession and the eligibility criteria for the concession can be accessed from the TfNSW website.

For undergraduate students at Macquarie University, full-time is considered to be 30 credit points or more per session.

For postgraduate students at Macquarie University, this varies according to your degree. Contact Service Connect to check if you are considered full-time.

Consent to disclosure of your personal information

So that the University can send your name, date of birth and University OneID to TfNSW for the purpose of providing of tertiary student concession travel to you, we require you to read and consent to the Privacy Notice and Declaration and agree to the sharing this information with TfNSW using this online form.

Information regarding how your information will be used and disclosed by TfNSW is set out in the Privacy Notice and Declaration.

For more information about TfNSW's privacy and information handling practices, please go TfNSW Privacy Statement.

For more information about the privacy and information handling practices related to the ordering and use of the Opal Card in particular, please see the Opal Privacy Policy.

Opposing your enrolment information being sent to TfNSW

If you do not want your eligibility/enrolment status information to be shared with TfNSW, then you are not required to provide your consent to the Privacy Notice and Declaration.

If you do not provide your consent, your eligibility status will not be disclosed to TfNSW. However, if the University does not disclose your eligibility information to TfNSW, you will be unable to apply for a concession Opal card through the online application process at the TfNSW website (see link above).


The below checklist of questions may help you understand any issues with your Opal Concession.

You must be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident to be eligible for Concession. You also need to reside in NSW.

You must be enrolled into a minimum of 30 credit points for the first (Session 1/Winter Vacation) or second half of the year (Session 2/Session 3) in internal mode.

A Transport Declaration form must be submitted on AskMQ for each year you wish to receive Concession. Ensure you have submitted a Declaration form for the current year.

First, ensure you have submitted the Declaration form for the year. If you have recently withdrawn from any units, check to see that you are enrolled in the minimum number of internal units for Concession.

If so, you will need to resubmit the Transport Declaration form on AskMQ.

If so, you may require an eligibility override from Service Connect. If you meet the eligibility requirements and are experiencing issues when ordering a Concession Opal Card, please contact Service Connect for assistance.

If so, you may require an eligibility override from Service Connect. If you meet the eligibility requirements and are experiencing issues when ordering a Concession Opal Card, please contact Service Connect for assistance.

When applying for the card on the Opal website, ensure all your details match your Macquarie details, including your student email address.

If so, you will need to request a new Concession card from Transport for NSW. Ensure you have submitted the Transport Declaration form and still meet the eligibility requirements.


Transport for NSW usually accepts applications for Concession Opal Cards no earlier than two weeks prior to the start of session.

If you have not already done so for the current calendar year, please submit a Transport Concession Declaration form via AskMQ . Without submitting this form we are unable to share your eligibility details with Transport for NSW due to privacy legislation. Submitting this form gives us consent to share your enrolment status information.

You need to submit the Transport Concession Declaration form at the start of every year.

You also need to ensure you continue to meet the eligibility requirements set by Transport for NSW.

You do not need to wait until the start of the next study period to apply for a Concession Opal Card, however you need to ensure you meet the eligibility requirements.

You will have to update your Residency Status before you order a Concession Opal Card – follow the “Change of residency” information on this fees information page.

More information about ordering a Concession Opal Card can be found on our transport concession webpage.