Prioritise your wellbeing

At times, your research journey may become stressful as you try to manage competing demands, deal with fatigue, and cope with other issues that may arise.

By proactively planning and prioritising your wellbeing, you'll be better equipped to navigate any challenges. The following self-care tips can help reduce your stress, preserve your energy, enhance your concentration and promote overall wellbeing. You may consider incorporating some into your weekly routine.

Wellbeing support and resources

The University offers a range of wellbeing services and resources for students. Do not hesitate to access them if you're feeling overwhelmed and need to talk to someone.

  • MQ Wellbeing App - MQ Wellbeing is the app that can help you achieve balance in your life. Keep track of your wellbeing with tools designed to help you:
    • monitor the healthy habits you are working on each day
    • learn how to reduce and manage stress and anxiety
    • gain practical financial advice and access student deals
    • connect with the wider Macquarie community
  • Talk Campus: online student wellbeing support service - TalkCampus is an online peer support community for Macquarie students. The app allows you to be anonymous while accessing support from peers across the globe in a safe environment. You can talk to other students about your concerns and challenges.  Find out more about TalkCampus and how to use the app.
  • Online mental health support - Online mental health support can be a great resource if you are looking for convenient and evidence-based ways of taking care of your mental health, especially if it's hard to find the time to attend appointments. There are a many online, self-paced options available. Check out this list of recommended programs.
  • Individual counselling - the University counsellors can assist you with mental health issues like low mood or anxiety, relationship concerns including family issues, personal relationships, domestic violence, and sexual assault. To access individual counselling, you will need to submit a CARE report. For further information, see the Individual counselling website.

Please note: Under Australian health regulatory law, our psychologists are unable to provide psychological interventions to students located outside of Australia. Please refer to support options listed here.