Enrolment? You got this!

It doesn’t matter if you’re commencing or continuing your studies with us, enrolment and class registration can feel like an administrative maze.

So if you’ve watched the "How to" eStudent tutorials and are still stuck, join one of our free information sessions.

We'll walk you through the process so you will know exactly what to expect when you log on to enrol and register in classes, and answer many of the questions that students often ask us!

So, spend 30 minutes with us before you start the process – it will be 30 minutes well spent!

Session content

Enrolment 101

A great place to start if you’re enrolling for the first time.

We will walk you through:

  • Managing your study plan, adding and removing units and majors
  • Scheduling a study period
  • Enrolling into units
  • Registering into classes

If you can't attend in person, you can watch a recording of a recent session. Click on the following link ENRL101 - Enrolment 'How To'.

2:28 - Things to do before you enrol

  • Session 1 Key Enrolment Dates
  • Using the Course Handbook
  • First Year Enrolment Guides
  • Unit Codes

7:03 - Adding units to your study plan

  • Choosing your major
  • Flexible zone
  • Changing units on your study plan
  • Double Degree Students (with no structure in eStudent)
  • Plan and Enrol into units
  • Unit Offerings

17:30 - Enrolling into units

  • Full-time/ Part-time study loads for Domestic vs International students
  • Withdrawing from units (including changing the attendance mode of a unit)

19:56 - Class registration

  • Class streams
  • Changing classes
  • Class Finder Tool
  • Enrolment Additional Resources

Enrolment 102

For those who have already attended Enrolment 101 but would like more information. A good session for returning students too, particularly if you're having issues with any aspect of enrolment or class registration.

  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sanctions
  • Requisite issues and Special Approval Waivers
  • Class registration issues and full classes
  • eStudent error messages

If you can't attend in person, you can watch a recording of a recent session. Click on the following link ENRL102 - Enrolment Troubleshooting.

1:31 - Can't enrol into anything?

  • Checking Sanctions on eStudent
  • USI sanctions
  • Academic sanctions
  • Financial sanctions

4:39 - Trouble enrolling into a specific unit?

  • Unit requirements (prerequisites, corequisites, NCCW)
  • Special Approval
  • You have met the requirements, but are still unable to enrol
  • Unit availability (offerings listed in the Handbook)
  • Unit Quotas

11:32 - Already enrolled?

  • Class Finder tool
  • Full Classes
  • Class Clashes

16:05 - Changing study combination

  • Withdrawing from units (for changing class attendance mode)
  • Re-enrolling into a unit

18:43 - Choosing what to enrol into

  • Course Handbook Advanced Search
  • First Year Enrolment Guides
  • Enrolment resources

22:08 - eStudent error messages

  • Unable to remove unit in Manage My Course screen
  • Unable to plan Free Choice units
  • Further eStudent Error messages that you may be able to resolve yourself

If you have already attended these sessions and need further assistance, please submit an enquiry through our Enrolment Guidance and Troubleshooting form.