HDR Mentors Program

HDR Mentors Program

The HDR Mentor program provides peer to peer support for HDR candidates. HDR Mentors are HDR candidates themselves, and understand the challenges you may be facing. Contact us now to request a mentor, or apply to become one yourself.

HDR Mentors can:

  • Share their academic journey and experiences
  • Connect you with professionals outside of the university, including alumni, industry figures and global universities
  • Help you connect with other staff and students socially
  • Organise one on one and group events

Check out HDR Mentors' events and workshops here.

Become A Mentor

As an HDR Mentor, you can provide an important role in the academic, professional and social lives of fellow HDR candidates. With this role comes certain responsibilities and boundaries. You will be expected to understand and follow the Student Code of Conduct Policy.

Essential requirements for an HDR mentor are:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective problem solving with multiple stakeholders
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team between different levels of the university (peers, colleagues and staff)
  • Ability to empathise and respect others
  • Have time to complete full training program and regular debrief sessions

Ideally, HDR Mentors can assertively resolve conflicts while maintaining appropriate boundaries, demonstrate time management and leadership skills, possess patience in stressful situations and can build a good rapport with peers and staff.

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