Patrick's suggestions on places to relax on campus

3 March 2022

Hi all, I’m Patrick, a second-year student currently studying a Bachelor of Game Design and Development.

Three students playing a game of pool

As we now enter another year of uni, and for some, the first, we now have the chance and choice to now complete our units on campus.

Being able to attend classes on campus or for those just coming to study or chill on campus means some of us may be spending a prolonged period of time at campus. With that in mind, I’d like to talk with you all about places to relax during your time on campus, to help you take a break, wind down, and re-gather your strength.

Why you should take breaks

Taking breaks while studying is important. It acts as an opportunity to:

  • clear stress
  • and help clear out your mind to come at tasks with a renewed vigour

Places to relax

For those of us who need/or plan to be on campus all day, Macquarie provides a great deal of resources and locations on campus which may hit your sweet spot and help you relax, wind down and help you focus on your upcoming classes and study better than before.

Some such locations include:

  • the many Cafes, Bars, and Restaurants
  • the Sports and Aquatic centre
  • the various Student spaces which offer both quiet and social spaces such as 1 Central Courtyard, providing both study spaces, teaching spaces, and The Hub (a place to relax and get food and drinks)
  • and Macquarie’s Library

Heck, even if these don’t cut it for you, you could even lie down and take a nap in the shade on the large grassy grounds (I think I’m going to try this come the start of this semester).

If you’re interested and want to find out more about these locations where you can relax on campus, the Campus facilities page on the student website provides much greater detail on their locations, what they provide and where they can be found.

So next time you’re on campus for a long period of time and you’re feeling drained from attending all your classes, or you’ve just gone there to have fun or study, remember to relax, take a break, and use Macquarie’s Campus to its full potential.