Mahit's recommendations for grabbing a bite on campus

16 February 2022

Hi, my name’s Mahit and I’m a second-year student currently studying Software Engineering at Macquarie University. I have some advice about enjoying food options on campus that I would like to share with you.

Students lining up at Ubar to order.

With a wide variety of cuisines available at Macquarie University, it’s often hard to decide what to choose from. Here are some of the best places to eat on campus to help you in making that decision and making sure you’re not missing out.


Located on the ground floor of The Hub, Ubar offers a wide variety of hot and tasty pizzas along with ice-cold beverages including beers and soft drinks. The view of the Macquarie Lake and fountain from their outdoor seating area is a great place to catch up and wind down with some friends. Ubar also serves freshly brewed coffee as well as tea.

Taste Baguette

With fresh baguettes and pastries baked throughout the day, Taste baguette offers a delicious combination of Vietnamese and French flavours. They offer a variety of signature baguettes filled with mouthwatering flavours and ingredients at a very affordable price range. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, their bakery offers a variety of pastries and other exquisite options as well as freshly brewed coffees.


If you’re looking for burgers or chicken and chips, Lashings is probably the place you want to be. Located on the ground floor of The Hub, Lashing offers a variety of different burger (including vegetarian) and chicken options as well as hot and freshly cooked chips. They also serve a breakfast menu consisting of delicious options to fuel your day.

Eat Istanbul

A traditional Turkish eatery also located on the ground floor of The Hub, Eat Istanbul serves kebabs as well as homemade falafels full of fresh ingredients and exquisite middle eastern flavours. They also serve freshly made HSP’s with crispy chips and meat of your choice.

These are just few of the many! There are many more places and hidden gems located all over the campus. Make sure you and your friends try out some or even all the other amazing eateries after these and see if you’ve found your favourites.