Key information you need to know

Whether you are a new or returning student, the Student Diary is a key source of information about the services, support and opportunities you can access at Macquarie University in 2023.

The 2023 Student Diary is divided into four main sections. In each section, you'll be able to find information that will make your student life at Macquarie easier and more rewarding.

Get started

We want to help you start your first session of 2023 smoothly.

To help you get familiar with the University and its processes, flip through this section of the Student Diary to find:

Get connected

As a member of Macquarie, you are part of a great community that offers a wide range of options so you meet people, get support from fellow students and create meaningful relationships.

In this section of the Student Diary, you'll find out how to:

Your learning

We know your studies are your first priority, so we've provided a variety of resources, services, and support to help you thrive academically.

Check the ‘Connect with your studies’ subsection to find information on:

Support services

To succeed with your studies, all aspects of your personal life must be taken care of. Macquarie University offers various support services to help assist you throughout your studies.

Find out more about the forms of support you can access, including:

Get employed

University is the place where you plant the seeds for your future, and we want to see you grow and succeed after you finish your studies.

View this section of your Student Diary to find useful information about:

Get organised

Your journey at Macquarie does not end the moment you finish your studies.

The Student Diary gives you information on the next steps you need to take, including:

To get your student diary, you can obtain a physical copy by attending Orientation Week or by picking it up from Student Connect. Alternatively, you can download a digital copy below.

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Make the most of your life at Macquarie by checking and using the 2023 Student Diary!