Your career journey

Your career and employability should be a priority all the way through your studies.

Many students get excited, start strong, but lose momentum. Other students think a career comes later, and leave any planning to their final session.

The ideal student takes small and consistent steps throughout their university studies to be job and career ready.

Stages of the career journey

Follow the roadmap and stages to make your journey easier.

And remember:

  • your career journey will not be linear – what you find out along the way may take you in a different direction, and so you can revisit earlier stages to get clarity
  • you own your career journey, it’s all yours and you should go at your own speed through these stages.




Keys to career and employability success

With years of experience, our expert career coaches have shared the the keys for your career success.

1. Get engaged and active – explore options then take small, consistent steps towards your career goals

2. Access FREE career and employability info and coaching – login to Employability Connect

3. Develop employability skills and gain experience – know what employers are looking for and get aligned

4. Build confidence for the transition to the workplace – apply for jobs and get feedback through Macquarie Student Employment.