Support for students

Access gender affirming support as a transgender, non-binary or gender diverse member of the Macquarie University community, or learn how to support others as an ally.

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Macquarie University believes everyone should have a safe community space for creating strong, lifelong networks and connections. Therefore, Macquarie University aspires to be a place where people feel valued and respected and can thrive and reach their full potential.

This page includes practical advice to support gender diverse students who may be transitioning or affirming their gender at Macquarie University, including those who identify with non-binary gender identities.

You can use this information as a starting point on how to support others.

The Gender Affirmation Guide aims to provide information and guidance on how to achieve an inclusive and supportive educational and working environment for students seeking to affirm their gender. The guide provides flexibility in supporting your affirmation and is also detailed in providing a consistent approach for managing the affirmation process.

The supporting documents also provide templates and emails, and links to internal support and external organisations that can provide further assistance.

If you would like to change your personal details, you can update these via the change of personal details form on AskMQ.

You are responsible for updating details in the University records should you wish to have them changed. Some of these changes require official documentation and you will be responsible for obtaining official documentation to support this process. Further information can be found on the change of personal details web page.

If you are under 18 years of age, there are some limitations on what you can legally do. Check the resources that TransHub has compiled for minors.

To request your email address to be changed, please contact the IT Service Desk.

Clothes and appearance are a paramount form of our personal expression. Through clothing and dressing, you can affirm your gender. You are free to dress in the ways you feel most comfortable as long as your clothes are in line with the Student Code of Conduct.

We understand that gender affirmation can span over an extended period and may require time away from your studies. This may include leave for surgery, medical appointments, counselling, and legal documentation orientation.

We want to make sure that you are affirming your gender while maintaining your studies and that you have other options, if required.

You may wish to apply for leave to avoid being put on academic pause.

At Macquarie University there are several options:

Macquarie University is committed to the wellbeing of its students. This includes creating spaces on campus where you can feel secure such as all gender bathrooms and the safe spaces on campus throughout the Wallumattagal campus of Macquarie University. You are welcome to use any facility you feel comfortable in.

All gender facilities are found throughout the Wallumattagal campus. Signed all gender bathrooms are found in:

  • 1 Central Courtyard – All Floors
  • 16 Wally's Walk - Lower Ground
  • 17 Wally's Walk - Ground Floor
  • 25 Wally’s Walk, Building B – All Floors

All accessible bathrooms are also all gender and can be found via the Accessibility Map.

All Gender Bathroooms

We have expanded our all gender bathrooms to include 1 Central Courtyard (all floors), 18 Wally's Walk (lower ground), 17 Wally's Walk (ground floor) and 25 Wally's Walk, building B (all floors).

All gender and single gendered bathrooms can be seen on the campus map.