Access to systems

Access to systems

Students at Macquarie have access to various systems they may need in the course of their study. From enrolling online to checking exam results to Unit readings or searching timetables. Find everything you need right here.


The single source of online course information to find out more about a specific course or courses, refer to the course finder and use relevant keywords to narrow your search.


A system for students to enrol online (new students have to be admitted to their course prior to enrolment), check examination results, view academic records, receive announcements from the University or change contact details.

Login to eStudent

Australian Access Federation

Access participating external Higher Ed and Research organisation web apps. Enables access to online resources for the Education and Research sector.


Access and manage Echo Lecture Recordings.

ELC Online

Macquarie University's English Language Centre.

Login to ELC Online


Bibliographic referencing software for PC and MAC.


Key acronyms, abbreviations, terminology and definitions in use at Macquarie University.

Google Apps

Google Apps is a set of Internet cloud applications that helps you get work done from anywhere, on any device.

In addition to University Gmail for Students you can help yourself to Google+ Hangouts, Drive, Docs and more... Your OneID is your passport to more from Google every day.

GPA Calculator

Tool to calculate Grade Point Average (GPA).

Download the GPA Calculator in Excel format


iLearn ( is the system for online learning at Macquarie - enabling learning, teaching, communication and collaboration online.

Login to iLearn (   New users can learn how to login and view the iLearn quickguides for students

A simple and consistent experience that lets students print from any application to an iPrint location.

Print directly from the web

IT Status Page

IT Status page covers a real-time view of the live operational status of IT systems and services. View if they are operational, have a degraded performance, or are experiencing a partial or major outage.

Library MultiSearch

One-stop search across Library resources.

Library PCs

Library client PCs are for use by staff and students to access library online resources.

Linkedin learning (formally

Students and staff have access to the online Linkedin learning/Lynda video library of courses.

My Password

Password Management, Eduroam registration, login downloads, first time login, Gmail password sync, Staff Directory, Netware id matching.

Policy Central

Policy Central is the single source for all approved University policies, procedures, guidelines and schedules.


ROAR (Risk Online Active Reporting) is the university’s online system for reporting risks and hazards.


Use to collect data for analysis and generate reports on targeted survey responses.


TermFinder is designed to help beginning students understand technical terminology.  It explains the meanings in accessible language with examples of their use, links to their pronunciations and diagrams or illustrations wherever possible.

Textbook Finder

Find the textbook relevant to your units.


Find information about units and programs.

Unit Readings

Recommended readings, course notes and exam papers for students.

Unit Guides

Macquarie's online Unit Guide repository. Unit Convenors use it to write, publish and view Unit Guides, and to map units against the University's graduate capabilities.

Virtual Document Exchange

Locate and request items not held by the library.


Microsoft for Students enables Macquarie University students to access digital downloads of the Microsoft Office Suite for FREE on up to 5 PCs and 5 mobile devices, including Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android.

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