Programs to help you succeed

In the Faculty of Science and Engineering our mission is to provide you with an environment that will enable you to be creative, innovative, and willing to take on global challenges.

We want to help you get on the path to success. The first step in this process is asking yourself – what does success look like for me?

Now that you've answered that question, we're here to help!

We offer unique success programs run by your fellow students to help you achieve YOUR definition of success for your studies.

Peer Group Coaching Sessions

We're pleased to now offer FREE group coaching sessions for all Undergraduate students studying ANY units in the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

This is your opportunity to share your wins, your frustrations, and meet fellow students all within a safe space!

Sessions will commence week 6 and go through to week 12 (no sessions in session break) and will be held via Zoom.

The sessions will be led by your fellow students who are some of our Success Coaches. Any information you share in the sessions will remain anonymous from any staff. We're creating a safe space where students can talk about issues/concerns/things that are going well/things that need improving in their units and their overall Uni experience. Our Success Coaches will provide a positive space to focus on solutions to concerns and be able to provide advice about resources to help you get the most out of your studies. Each week our Success Coaches will focus on a particular topic based on the discussions the week prior. For our first week of sessions, the theme will be "staying on top of your wellbeing".

Even if you don't have any feedback or concerns, come along and meet some fellow students studying similar disciplines to you! It's a great way to make some friends in lockdown and just feel less alone!

Sessions are divided into broad disciplinary area and held at the following times. There's no limit to how many sessions you attend in the week.


Wednesdays 2pm: | Rego form:
Thursdays 4pm: | Rego form:

Human Biology (including any anatomy and/or physiology or med sci students in biology based units)

Thursdays 12pm:
Fridays 1pm:


TBC - info coming soon. Sessions will start first week back after session break.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

Mondays 11am:
Fridays 3pm:

You can pre-register for these sessions if you want to (not mandatory) & we can remind you about the sessions:


Mathematics & Statistics

Wednesdays 3pm Meeting ID: 815 1642 4606
Fridays 4pm Meeting ID: 841 7767 0449

You can pre-register for these sessions if you want to (not mandatory) & we can remind you about the sessions:

Molecular Sciences (Chemistry, Biomolecular and Med Sci units using these disciplines).

Wednesday 1pm:
Friday 3pm:

Physics and Astronomy

Tuesdays 5pm:


Success in STEM

Success in STEM will be offered for Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) - all majors - only in Session 2.

Success in STEM is our flagship peer-success program in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. If you're starting an Undergraduate course, you might be eligible to apply to be part of this program.

You'll be paired with a later year student who you share common study interests/hobbies/background with (eg you might be studying the same discipline or you're both really into sport or you're from the same city/country etc). This student will become your success coach.

Your coach will 'check-in' with you each week for Session 1 and will work with you to connect to resources to help you get on your path to success. They'll share with you what has helped them and make sure you feel part of the team!

This program is free but you'll need to get in quickly to secure your spot (places are limited). To apply to be part of this program  you'll need to complete an opt-in form. Successful applicants will be notified in week 2 of Session 1.

Applications are now closed. Keep an eye on this page for details of Success in STEM 2022!


Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

PAL sessions are designed to deepen your understanding of the unit content while acquiring transferable study skills. In these sessions, you will develop study techniques, improve communication skills and group interaction skills.

PAL leaders structure the sessions to ensure a collaborative learning environment. The PAL leader’s role is not to teach or provide you with the answers, but to enable you to develop the skills to find the answers yourself.

Think of PAL like a study session with like-minded people from your unit who are all looking to achieve their best. The PAL leader has previously taken that unit so they will share with you tips on how to smash your results!

PAL sessions are free for students enrolled in applicable units. In Session 2 2021, we will be running PAL for:

  • CHEM1001
  • PHYS1210

Full details of when and where PAL sessions will be run will be listed on the unit's iLearn page. PAL sessions will start in week 3 of Session 2.


Group Study Sessions (GSS)

We will be offering Group Study Sessions for Computing Undergraduate first-year students.

These sessions will be similar to PAL in that our GSS leaders are later-year students who have taken the units previously. They will guide discussion and encourage collaboration amongst participants so everyone can achieve their best. GSS will be drop-in in style and a great opportunity for you to not only work through the content in your unit/s, but also a great way for you to meet your fellow students!

GSS will start in week 3 of Session 1 and details on how to join will be available on first-year (1000-level) COMP unit iLearn pages.


Stay social

Connect with us on our faculty Instagram page for extra-curricular opportunities and ways to enrich your studies.

We're always looking for students who'd like to contribute to our social media pages. Contact us at if you're keen to get involved!


We want to hear from you!

Receiving feedback from out students helps us provide the best educational experience possible. On your Faculty of Science and Engineering units' iLearn pages, you'll see a link to provide feedback in the right-hand column (you might have to scroll down a bit). Click on that link to send us an email with any feedback (good, bad, ugly!) on your units. Your details will remain anonymous from teaching staff.

Alternatively (or if you don't see the link on iLearn) you can email our student experience team directly.

Have questions? Just ask!

If you have any questions or would like more info on any of our Success Programs, we have a dedicated Student Experience team in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Drop us an email at

Have questions about your course or general info about uni? We're here to help!

You can submit an AskMQ request, visit our Student centre or call us and one of our friendly team will help.


Study resources

Macquarie also offers a range of free programs to help you with maths and stats, writing essays and reports and figuring out the best study methods for you.


Wellbeing resources

As a Macquarie student you have free access to MQ Wellbeing. If you're feeling stressed, tired, overwhelmed, want to talk to someone about how to manage your time or any other wellbeing related topics – we're here to help! Check out all the available resources and get to speak with someone as soon as possible.