Confirm your enrolment status

A status letter confirms your current enrolment status and can be used for identification purposes.

Status letters are now available. However, due to system upgrades, there may be some delays in the time it takes to produce them. We will be unable to produce status letters while your course is being transitioned to the 2020 curriculum.

Domestic students

Domestic students can use the letter as proof of enrolment at organisations such as:

  • Centrelink
  • banks
  • gyms
  • other service providers.

The letter will include your:

  • personal details
  • course details
  • study loads for Centrelink.

Request your letter through AskMQ.

International students

International students can use the letter as proof of enrolment:

  • to apply for a student visa
  • invite family to visit in Australia
  • for service providers such as banks or gyms.

You can use a status letter in conjunction with the confirmation of enrolment (CoE).

If you are an international student, your status letter will include:

  • your name
  • your degree
  • your commencement date
  • whether you are full-fee paying or on a scholarship
  • your study load (full-time)
  • the approximate tuition fees that you must pay to Macquarie this year
  • the estimated living expenses that you may incur this year.

Request your letter through AskMQ.

Other students

Status letter requests for:

Students on short-term exchange should request a status letter from their exchange advisor.

We'll email your status letter to your official Macquarie University student email account.