Legal services and referral

Macquarie's Welfare Service can provide you with information and a referral if you are facing legal issues.

Legal problems

The Welfare Service provides support, information, advocacy and referral on accessing legal advice for matters including:

  • traffic offences and motor vehicle accidents
  • employment rights
  • harassment/discrimination
  • domestic violence matters
  • assault charges/criminal charges
  • frauds and scams
  • consumer rights
  • family law matters
  • immigration matters

Certifying documents

You must provide the University with original or certified documents. Learn how to get certified copies of your documents.

Letter confirming status

Your status letter confirms your enrolment status and it can be used for identification. Learn more about status letters.

The Welfare Service however does not provide a legal service nor offer legal advice. They can still assist with accessing legal services in the community.

Free legal app

My Legal Mate, funded by your Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) is free for Macquarie students to download and provides 24/7 access to legal resources for students, in seven different languages – English, Mandarin, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese.

For further information, support or to make an appointment with a Welfare Officer, contact the Welfare Service.

Legal support for international students

Check the following resources to find information on legal support: