Academic Progression

Academic Progression

Your success at Macquarie University is important to us. The University offers academic and wellbeing services to help you to succeed in your studies.

The Academic Progression Policy supports students to complete their degree program/s and applies to all domestic and international, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students enrolled in Sessions 1 and 2. Session 3 does not contribute towards the Academic Progression calculation.

Progress in your studies is indicated by your Academic Standing. You will be informed of your Academic Standing with your examination results at the end of each enrolled session in calculation to ensure you are on track to completing your degree.

In addition to the Academic Progression Policy and Academic Standing, if you are enrolled in a Practical, Clinical and Professional programs your progression may also be governed by:

which may apply in addition to your Academic Standing.

Academic Standing


Your Academic Standing is based on the proportion of credit points that you passed in the current study period, together with the Academic Standing at the end of the previous study period.

Academic Standing is generally finalised:

  • no later than at the Census Date of Session 2 when Session 1 is under consideration
  • no later than at the Census Date of Session 1, when Session 2 is under consideration

Your Academic Standing will be available for you to view on your internal transcript and is included in your Results Notification. You can retrieve your internal transcript through the My Results tab of eStudent.

If you have any difficulties viewing your Results and Academic Standing please check that you don’t have any outstanding debt on your student account, including tuition fees or library fines. You can check eStudent to see whether you have an outstanding debt that is preventing you viewing your results.

Your Academic Standing will not be displayed on your official transcript, AHEGS documents or status letter.


Academic Progression Diagram




You are progressing satisfactorily

Academic caution

To avoid moving to Conditional Enrolment at the end of the next study period we recommend you seek support from your Faculty academic advisors.

Conditional enrolment

You will be prevented from enrolling or changing your enrolment until you contact your Faculty academic advisors to seek support in order to continue with your enrolment.


You will not be permitted to undertake any load at Macquarie University typically for two consecutive study periods. One of these study periods can be Session 3.

You are recommended to seek support from Campus Wellbeing while on Suspension.


You will be unable to enrol until you contact your Faculty academic advisors to seek support in order to continue your enrolment upon returning from Suspension. Your Academic Standing will be Probation for typically one study period when you return to study after Suspension.


You have not passed 51% or more of your attempted load whilst on probation and will be excluded from the University for two years. In order to return to study you will be required to apply for re-admission.


Your Academic Standing cannot be calculated due to unresolved results or incomplete grades. Once your grade/s have been finalised you will be notified if there has been a subsequent change in your Academic Standing. Seek assistance from your Faculty academic advisors for further information on your incomplete grade/s


Support with your Academic Standing is determined by the Faculty (of your major or first degree of a double degree). Please seek Faculty academic advising if your Academic Standing is:

  • Academic Caution
  • Conditional Enrolment
  • Probation

Faculty assistance may take various forms such as: attending a one-to-one session with a member of staff, an online learning module, improving study skills, attending a lecture, watching a presentation, or other tasks as determined by your adviser.



If your Academic Standing is Suspension, you will not be able to undertake any study for two consecutive study periods.

Any unit(s) that you are enrolled in will be withdrawn once your Academic Standing changes to Suspension. You will not incur fees for these withdrawn unit(s) and they will be reversed (including if you defer your fees through HELP). If you have already paid your fees upfront, they will be re-credited against your account.

Following the period of Suspension, you have automatic right of return to the then current version of your course (subject to availability) if you return to study within 24 months as per the Admission to Coursework Programs Policy.. If you return to study after this 24 month period you will need to reapply for your studies - see Returning after Absence for more details.

You must seek academic advice prior to re-enrolment.

When you can return to study depends on when you were suspended.

Returning to study after Suspension

Suspension due
to results from:

You are
suspended for:

You can return:

Earliest date for
enrolment access:

Status you will
return on:

Session 1

Session 2 and Session 3

The following Session 1

Day after census for Session 3


Session 2

Session 3 and Session 1

The following Session 2

Day after census for Session 1


For information regarding when enrolment will open for the session you will return to, please see Enrolment Dates.

Contact Campus Wellbeing or your Faculty Student Centre for support prior to returning to your studies.

Important Information

Session 3 enrolment and your academic standing

Your results from studies undertaken in Session 3 are not included in Academic Standing calculations. However, Session 3 will still contribute towards your GPA, credit points and degree requirements. Session 3 will also continue to count as a study period of Suspension, please see the information under “Support” for a table outlining the periods of Suspension.

If your Session 2 Academic Standing is Pending as at Session 3 Census Date, you will be permitted to remain in any previously enrolled units in Session 3, even if the Pending Standing is later changed to Suspension or Exclusion. However, successful completion of Session 3 units is not grounds for an appeal against any such intervention, including Suspension or Exclusion.

Before enrolling in Session 3, please consult closely with Faculty academic advisors as to whether Session 3 study suits your circumstances.

What happens if I change course?

When you transfer into a new degree your previous Academic Standing will be applied to the new degree once the next session has commenced.

What happens if I’m on a Suspension status and I wish to change course?

We understand that your current course may not be right for you and changing courses may mean that you are more successful in your studies.  You will be eligible to apply for a new course towards the end of your suspension period.

Please refer to the Changing Course after Suspension table below for the earliest date that you will be eligible to apply.  For example, if you are suspended due to the results from Session 2, the earliest you can apply to change course would be the day after census date for the following Session 1.

More information regarding Suspension and support can be found under the Support tab.

Changing course after Suspension

Suspension due
to results from:

You are
suspended for:

Earliest date to apply for a new course:

Status you will
return on:

Session 1

Session 2 and Session 3

Day after census for Session 3


Session 2

Session 3 and Session 1

Day after census for Session 1


Undergraduate courses

Domestic students may apply to change courses either through internal course transfer or via the Universities Admission Centre (UAC). Admission through UAC is competitive and based on academic merit.

International students may apply to change course either through internal course transfer or via Macquarie International. Admission through Macquarie International is competitive and based on academic merit.

Postgraduate courses

Domestic and international students should refer to the ‘How to apply’ website for further information on the application process.  Admission is competitive and based on academic merit.

What happens if I am on a Probation status and have unresolved grades?

Following the end of the Suspension period, you will return to study on an Academic Standing of Probation for typically one study period. However, the Probation status may carry over to subsequent study periods if your Academic Standing cannot be calculated due to unresolved grades. In this circumstance, you will temporarily receive a Pending status. If your grades are still not resolved by the Census Date of the subsequent study period, your Probation status will continue.

It is recommended you seek additional Faculty Academic Advice for your circumstances.

Concurrent degrees and academic standing

If you are undertaking concurrent degrees, you will receive one Academic Status applied across both programs based on your unit enrolment load across both degrees.

eCOE and Visas

According to the Australian Government, International Students must complete the course they are enrolled in within the duration specified in their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

Reducing your study load

If you decide to reduce your study load after seeking academic advice, your ability to complete your course within the specified duration of the CoE may be impacted.

You will need to be issued with a new CoE and take the necessary steps required to reflect this on your visa.

Suspension and your CoE

What do I need to do now?

If your Academic Standing is Suspension, and you are intending to return to your studies with Macquarie University, you should ask the University to suspend your CoE (providing your CoE is valid up until the end of the suspension period).

While the University will notify the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) that you have suspended your studies you must contact DHA to ask about the impact on your student visa.

As a student visa holder suspending your CoE may impact your visa. If you require advice about your visa contact DHA.

In order to suspend your CoE go to AskMQ and complete a Suspension of Studies form.

Please note: If you do not wish to return to your studies you can either, withdraw from your program, or the University will cancel your CoE. This action will notify DHA that you are no longer studying at Macquarie University. This may have an impact on your student visa.

What do I do when I want to return after suspension?

  1. Before you return you must have a valid visa. Check your visa status by contacting DHA.
  2. If you have any issues with your Macquarie CoE, contact Campus Wellbeing.
  3. Seek academic advice through your Faculty academic advising.

Visa implications

Your student visa is issued for the duration of your study program. If you reduce your study load and your duration of study changes, you may need to apply for a new student visa.

To apply for a new student visa refer to Department of Home Affairs.

The Education Services for Overseas Students Act 2000, or ESOS Act, establishes legislative requirements and standards for the quality assurance of education and training institutions offering courses to international students who are in Australia on a student visa.

More information about your student visa conditions can be found here.


Students have 20 working days from the date of initial notification to appeal their ‘Suspension’ or ‘Exclusion’.

Students who believe they have grounds to appeal their 'Suspension' or 'Exclusion' may do so as per the Appeals Policy.
To find out more about how to appeal, please see the Academic Appeals website.

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