Student Advisory Group Member of the Sexual Safety and Wellbeing Committee - Respect.Now.Always Project

As part of the Respect.Now.Always (RNA) Project, the Student Advisory Group of the Sexual Safety and Wellbeing Committee (SSWC) plays an essential role in representing the student voice in sexual safety and related issues at Macquarie University.

Your role as a Student Advisory Group member of the SSWC is to provide strategic advice on student sexual safety initiatives and champion the RNA Project within the Macquarie student community.

This activity was approved to be recognised as an AHEGS activity from December 2023. No retrospective recognition will be made prior to this approval date.

AHEGS qualification criteria:

  • Membership for a one-year term (estimated 12 hours of commitment in total across one year including meetings and adhoc feedback and consultation).
  • Participate in quarterly Student Advisory Group meetings
  • Provide ideas, suggestions and feedback to the RNA Project team
  • Identify strategies to progress key sexual safety and wellbeing initiatives
  • Champion the RNA Project amongst the student community

Skills required or developed:

  • Leadership, interpersonal and social skills
  • Student advocacy and representation
  • Communication skills
  • Decision-making and advisory
  • Teamwork and collaboration