Co-curricular participation recognition

Get recognised for your involvement in a wide range of activities while studying at Macquarie.

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Since 2010, Macquarie University has issued its graduates with an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS) to distinguish them as local and global citizens.

In April 2018, the AHEGS was enhanced to include Additional Achievements under Section 4, providing for the formal recognition of student’s involvement in a range of approved co-curricular activities.

These co-curricular activities have contributed to the development of graduates’ skills and capabilities and relate to their award. They are assessed by the established AHEGS Steering Committee.

A list of the approved co-curricular activities is provided below:

Recognised co-curricular programs

To be eligible, program managers will nominate students who have successfully completed the activities as per criteria set for each program.

For more information on what AHEGS includes, refer to AHEGS policy.

For more information on AHEGS co-curricular recognition, email