We can help you plan your path ahead

If you failed a unit in Session 2 2023, drop in and see us so we can help you adjust your study plan.

Stay on Course Drop In Sessions:

  • Date:  11 & 12 December and 8 & 9 February
  • Time:  10am – 4pm
  • Location:  Ground Floor, 18 Wally’s Walk

Bookings not required.

What to expect

We’ll have expert staff on hand to chat to you, one to one, about adjusting your study plan. They can provide you with information about free targeted resources you can tap into that will support your success in 2024. There’ll also be free tea/ coffee and snacks, so drop in, grab a drink and snack and chat to us.

Can’t make it?

If you can’t make it to the drop ins, and are not sure what units to enrol in, you can use the Course Guidance form on our website. Don’t forget that you need to choose units that meet the requirements of your degree.

If you feel in need of academic, social or wellbeing help, check out our support network for success for a range of tools to assist you.

Frequently asked questions

Is this compulsory to attend?

No. This is a chance for you to talk to our staff one to one about how to rearrange your study plan, and what units to choose next so that you continue to enrol in units that meet the requirements of your degree.

I failed a core zone unit, should I attend?

If you are available and can make it to one of our drop in sessions, then it will be a great chance for you to chat to our staff one on one for advice on choosing the rest of your units and tapping into the support we have available for you.

I failed a flexible zone (elective) unit, should I attend?

Yes, we can give you advice about the units you need to choose that meet the requirements of your degree, and/ or some information about free support services we have available to help you succeed.