Making maths more accessible

The Numeracy Centre aims to support students studying Mathematics and numeracy-based courses, such as Statistics.

The Numeracy Centre, coordinated by Carolyn Kennett, is located in Room 188, 14 Sir Christopher Ondaatje Avenue (14SCOA).


We have two major aims:

  1. To improve students’ access to mathematics and numeracy-based courses, such as statistics, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.
  2. To improve students’ completion rates of mathematics and numeracy-based courses.

In striving to achieve these aims, the Numeracy Centre offers a number of services including free drop-in service, weekly workshops for some first-year courses, bridging programs and preparatory courses at the beginning of each semester and some online resources.

The Numeracy Centre is funded by the University through Access and Equity initiatives.


The Numeracy Centre has one permanent member of staff, the Director of the Centre, Carolyn Kennett.

The Centre also employs a number of casual tutors who work in the centre on a roster basis and also teach some of the workshops.

Zoom tutors

Meet the Zoom tutors currently employed by the Numeracy Centre.