Academic and program advisers

Academic and program advisers

Advisers provide guidance and answers to questions about unit content and how your degree program relates to your overall educational and employability goals.

If you're an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student, you can meet an academic adviser from your faculty and have a chat about your learning journey, as well as receive advice that could help make things clearer for you.

The academic advice contact details listed below are for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students only. 

If you are a higher degree research student, each faculty department has an adviser.

If you have general questions about your degree program, progression in your course, faculty or university processes, your first point of contact is a student adviser from your faculty student centre. Depending on your enquiry, student advisers may refer you to other teams across campus to ensure you get the information you need.

Visit our student admin services page for a full list of student administration services, including faculty student centres.

Faculty of Arts

For academic advice from the Faculty of Arts, please submit an enquiry through AskMQ (please type in 'Arts Program Advice' or ‘Arts Academic Advice’ in the subject title of your enquiry) and you will receive program advice via your student email from one of our many academic advisers.

If your issue is more complex and you would like to speak to someone confidentially who can advocate for you, contact:

Susan Omundsen
Student Engagement Coordinator
T: (02) 9850 4087

Have your say about the Faculty of Arts. You can email us confidential feedback.

Faculty of Business and Economics

To speak to an adviser in the Faculty of Business and Economics, you will need to book an appointment with the Business and Economics Student Services (BESS). You can book an appointment with BESS online.

Faculty of Human Sciences

Each department in the Faculty of Human Sciences has program and academic advisers you can reach out to.

Department of Psychology

T: (02) 9850 8113
E: AskMQ

Department of Linguistics

T: (02) 9850 7102

Department of Educational Studies

E: AskMQ

Department of Cognitive Sciences


Faculty of Science and Engineering

To speak to an adviser in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE), please visit our Degree Advice page for contact details aligned to your degree.  Alternatively, please contact the FSE Student Centre on  +61 (2) 9850 6001.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

To speak to an adviser in the centre of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences please lodge a request through AskMQ (type in 'Medicine/Health Sciences Academic Advice' or ‘Medicine/Health Sciences Program Advice’ in the subject title of your enquiry) which will be forwarded onto the relevant department’s adviser.

Macquarie University International College

If you are a student of the College, please visit Macquarie’s contact us page to direct your enquiry appropriately. Alternatively, you can email or call us.

T: (02) 9850 5055

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